Guide: How to Say “Very Beautiful” in Marathi

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to express “very beautiful” in Marathi. Whether you want to compliment someone, describe a stunning view, or appreciate an object, knowing these phrases will help you enhance your language skills and connect with Marathi speakers on a deeper level. In this guide, we’ll cover both the formal and informal ways to say “very beautiful” in Marathi, providing tips, examples, and even exploring regional variations if necessary. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Very Beautiful” in Marathi:

When it comes to formal expressions of beauty in Marathi, you can use the following phrases:

1. खूप सुंदर (Khoop Sundar)

This phrase directly translates to “very beautiful” in English. It is a simple and straightforward way to convey your admiration for someone or something.

Example: तुमचं गाणं खूप सुंदर आहे. (Tumcha gaana khoop sundar aahe) – Your song is very beautiful.

2. अत्यंत सुंदर (Atyant Sundar)

This phrase translates to “extremely beautiful.” It portrays a higher level of admiration and emphasizes the extraordinary beauty of something.

Example: तुझं नटवा अत्यंत सुंदर दिसतो. (Tuzh natawa atyant sundar disto) – Your dance looks extremely beautiful.

Informal Ways to Say “Very Beautiful” in Marathi:

Now, let’s explore some informal expressions you can use in casual conversations:

1. मस्त दिसतं (Mast Disat)

This phrase is an informal way to express that something or someone looks “great” or “fantastic.” It adds a touch of enthusiasm and excitement to your compliment.

Example: तू सगळं मस्त दिसतं. (Tu sagl mast disat) – You look great.

2. खुपच मस्त (Khupach Mast)

Khupach Mast translates to “very cool.” It conveys a sense of awe and appreciation, particularly in informal contexts.

Example: आजचा गाणं खुपच मस्त आहे. (Ajcha gaana khupach mast aahe) – Today’s song is very cool.

Tips for Using “Very Beautiful” Phrases:

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using these phrases:

1. Tone and Delivery:

The tone and delivery of your compliment can significantly impact its effectiveness. Make sure to convey genuine appreciation and speak with warmth in your voice.

2. Non-Verbal Cues:

Accompany your verbal compliments with non-verbal cues like a smile, eye contact, or a nod to reinforce your message of admiration.

3. Contextual Relevance:

Consider the context in which you are expressing these phrases. Adapt your compliments to suit the situation, whether it’s a formal event or a casual conversation.

Regional Variations:

Marathi is a rich language with various regional dialects. However, expressions for “very beautiful” remain fairly consistent across Maharashtra. Hence, we do not encounter significant regional variations in conveying this sentiment.


In conclusion, now you have a thorough guide on how to express “very beautiful” in Marathi. From formal phrases like “खूप सुंदर (Khoop Sundar)” and “अत्यंत सुंदर (Atyant Sundar)” to informal phrases like “मस्त दिसतं (Mast Disat)” and “खुपच मस्त (Khupach Mast),” you have an array of options to convey your admiration for something or someone in Marathi. Remember the tips provided, and the warm tone in which you deliver these phrases, to further enhance your expression of beauty. Connect with Marathi speakers and make your conversations more engaging by utilizing these phrases skillfully. Happy conversing in Marathi!

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