Guide: How to Say Things on a Calculator

Calculators are powerful tools that help us perform complex calculations, but did you know that you can also use them to spell out words or write messages? Using the available numbers and symbols creatively, you can create words, phrases, or even jokes on a calculator. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various techniques, both formal and informal, to say things on a calculator. Let’s dive in!

1. Basic Tips

Before we start, here are some basic tips to keep in mind when using a calculator for communication:

  • Remember that calculators have a limited set of numbers and symbols, so certain letters or characters may be challenging or impossible to represent.
  • Make sure your calculator is set to display numbers as decimals rather than fractions, as decimals provide more flexibility for creating messages.
  • Always double-check your calculations before sharing your message to ensure accuracy.

2. Formal Ways of Expressing Words

While calculators are primarily used for mathematical computations, you can still convey words or phrases formally. Here’s a quick guide to formal calculator communication:

2.1 Using Numbers:

Assign a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet, usually starting from 1 for ‘A’ and continuing in sequential order. To represent a word, add up the values of its corresponding letters. For instance:

To say “HELLO,” calculate H(8) + E(5) + L(12) + L(12) + O(15) = 52.

Press the digits sequentially on the calculator to display the calculated value.

2.2 Utilizing Patterns:

Certain numbers or equations on calculators resemble letters. Recognizing these patterns allows you to express words more efficiently. Here are a few examples:

  • The number 0 resembles the letter ‘O.’
  • The number 1 can represent either ‘I’ or ‘L.’
  • The number 2 can resemble ‘Z.’
  • Using parentheses can create letter-like shapes. For example, ( represents ‘C,’ and ) resembles ‘D.’

By combining these patterns, you can spell out words more effectively.

3. Informal Ways of Expressing Words

If you’re looking to be more playful and informal with your calculator messages, there are various creative techniques you can use. Here are a few methods popular among enthusiasts:

3.1 Flipping Numbers:

By rotating the calculator upside down or sideways, some numbers appear similar to specific letters. For example:

  • 370HSSV can be flipped to resemble the word ‘HELLO.’
  • 5318008 can be flipped to represent ‘BOOBIES.’

Engaging in “calculator poetry,” where sentences or phrases are formed by creatively selecting and flipping numbers, can be a fun and memorable way to express yourself.

3.2 Using Symbols:

Aside from numbers, certain symbols can resemble letters or words. For example:

  • The multiplication symbol ‘x’ looks like a lowercase ‘k.’
  • The division symbol ‘/’ can resemble a lowercase ‘t.’
  • Combining ‘-‘ and ‘.’ can create the exclamation mark ‘!.’
  • Using ‘=’ for ‘E’ or ‘#’ for ‘H’ allows you to write words like ‘HELLO.’

Feel free to experiment with different symbols to express creative messages.

4. Examples of Calculator Messages

Let’s explore some practical examples of calculator messages using the techniques we’ve discussed:

  • “71011345” upside-down represents “SHELLOILS” – creative use of flipping numbers.
  • “317537” creatively resembles the word “LESSON” using both numerical and pattern-based representations.
  • “1+1=11” showcases using symbols and numbers to create a playful message.
  • “53122” turns into “READS,” combining flipping numbers and pattern recognition.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to calculator messages, allowing you to express yourself and have some fun while using this versatile tool.


While calculators are primarily designed for mathematical calculations, they can be transformed into instruments of communication. Whether you wish to communicate formally or casually, these techniques will help you say things on a calculator creatively. Remember to use numbers, patterns, symbols, and even flipping techniques to express and share your messages effectively. So go ahead and explore the world of calculator communication, and astonish your friends with your calculator conversation skills!

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