How to Say the Temperature in Italian: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy or simply want to expand your language skills, knowing how to say the temperature in Italian is essential. Weather plays a significant role in our daily lives, and being able to discuss it fluently can greatly enhance your conversations. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at both formal and informal ways of expressing temperature in Italian, while also delving into regional variations, tips, examples, and common phrases. So let’s dive in and start speaking the language of temperature in Italian!

Formal Ways to Express Temperature

When it comes to formal language, Italian offers various options to talk about the temperature. Here are some commonly used phrases:

  • La temperatura è di… (The temperature is…): This is a simple and straightforward phrase you can use in most situations. Just replace the ellipsis with the temperature value, such as “La temperatura è di venti gradi” (The temperature is twenty degrees).
  • Sono… (It is…): This is another versatile expression you can use in formal conversations. For instance, “Sono tredici gradi” (It is thirteen degrees).
  • Attualmente abbiamo… (Currently, we have…): If you want to provide the current temperature at a specific location, this phrase is a great choice. Replace the ellipsis with the temperature, such as “Attualmente abbiamo ventotto gradi” (Currently, we have twenty-eight degrees).

Informal Ways to Express Temperature

Italian is known for its informal and friendly approach to communication. Here are some phrases that are commonly used in casual conversations:

  • C’è un caldo pazzesco! (It’s incredibly hot!): This exclamation is perfect for those scorching summer days when the temperature soars. It conveys a sense of enthusiasm or frustration, depending on the context.
  • È freddo da congelarsi! (It’s freezing cold!): This expression is ideal for describing extremely cold weather conditions, such as during winter or in high-altitude regions. It emphasizes the intensity of the cold.
  • È freschino/freschetto! (It’s a bit chilly!): This phrase is useful when it’s mildly cold or slightly cooler than expected. It’s a less extreme way to convey the temperature.

Regional Variations

Italy is a diverse country with distinct regional variations in language. While the formal and informal phrases mentioned above are widely understood and used throughout the country, there are some regional considerations to keep in mind:

North Italy

In the northern regions, such as Lombardy or Veneto, it’s common to hear people use phrases like “Fa caldo” (It’s hot) or “Fa freddo” (It’s cold) when talking about the temperature. These expressions are interchangeable with the more formal options mentioned earlier.

South Italy

In southern Italy, including regions like Campania or Sicily, locals sometimes use dialectal expressions to talk about temperature. For example, instead of saying “La temperatura è di trenta gradi” (The temperature is thirty degrees), they may say “La temperatura è di trenta varə” (with varə being a regional variation of gradi).

Tips for Talking about Temperature

To help you further excel in discussing temperature in Italian, here are some general tips to keep in mind:

1. Use hand gestures

Italians are famous for their expressive hand gestures, and when it comes to talking about temperature, you can use gestures to enhance your communication. Mimicking the act of shivering for cold or wiping your forehead to indicate heat can add a lively touch to your conversations.

2. Include comparisons

Comparisons are a great way to convey the temperature accurately. Add phrases like “È più caldo di ieri” (It’s hotter than yesterday) or “È meno freddo di questa mattina” (It’s less cold than this morning) to express temperature changes.

3. Pay attention to location-specific conditions

Italy has diverse microclimates due to its geography. Coastal areas experience different temperatures compared to mountainous regions. Therefore, it’s helpful to know the specific weather conditions of your location and incorporate that information into your conversations.


Congratulations! You’ve completed this comprehensive guide on how to say the temperature in Italian. You’ve learned formal and informal phrases, regional variations, and useful tips to enhance your conversations. Now it’s time to put your knowledge into practice and engage in vibrant discussions about the weather. Buona fortuna!

Written by Carly Brooklyn

Ciao! Sono Carly. Being an avid traveler, language enthusiast, and Italy-lover, I spend my time penning down linguistic guides. From learning how to say 'Aloha' in Italian to the comprehensive guides on the words 'Attire' and 'Armor'. I convert my love for coffee, pizza, and caviar into Italian lessons for those equally smitten with the Italian culture. When not writing, you'd find me wandering in the grasslands, listening to wind-chimes, or cozying up in a small Italian town drinking iced tea. Let's embark on this exciting language journey, "Spero di vederti presto"!

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