Guide: How to Say “Je fais”

Learning how to express yourself in different languages is an exciting journey, and mastering the French language is no exception. One commonly used phrase in French is “Je fais,” which translates to “I do” or “I make” in English. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your knowledge, this guide will help you understand the various ways to say “Je fais” in both formal and informal contexts. So, let’s dive in and explore the diverse ways to express this versatile phrase!

Formal Ways to Say “Je fais”

In formal situations, it’s important to use polite and respectful language. Here are a few formal ways to say “Je fais”:

  1. Je réalise – This formal expression means “I accomplish.” For example: “Je réalise un projet” (I accomplish a project).
  2. Je m’occupe de – This phrase translates to “I take care of” or “I handle.” For instance: “Je m’occupe de la gestion financière” (I take care of financial management).
  3. Je travaille sur – This means “I work on” and is commonly used to describe ongoing tasks. For instance: “Je travaille sur mon rapport” (I work on my report).
  4. Je me consacre à – This expression translates to “I dedicate myself to.” For example: “Je me consacre à mes études” (I dedicate myself to my studies).

Informal Ways to Say “Je fais”

Informal language allows for a more relaxed and casual conversation. Here are some informal ways to express “Je fais”:

  1. Je fais – This is the direct translation of “I do” or “I make” and is commonly used in informal contexts. For instance: “Je fais du sport” (I do sports).
  2. Je m’occupe de – This informal expression is similar to its formal counterpart but is often used between friends. For example: “Je m’occupe de la soirée” (I’m taking care of the party).
  3. Je bricole – This informal phrase means “I tinker” or “I do odd jobs.” For example: “Je bricole souvent le week-end” (I tinker on the weekends).

Tips and Examples

Here are some useful tips and examples to help you incorporate “Je fais” into your everyday conversations:

Tip: To make your language more dynamic, combine “Je fais” with specific activities or hobbies you enjoy.

Example 1: “Ce week-end, je fais du jardinage” (This weekend, I do some gardening).

Tip: To add emphasis, consider using adverbs or adjectives in combination with “Je fais.”

Example 2: “Je fais intensément du sport tous les matins” (I do sports intensely every morning).

Tip: Acquire new vocabulary related to activities you enjoy doing and incorporate it along with “Je fais.”

Example 3: “Je fais de la photographie depuis mon adolescence” (I’ve been doing photography since my adolescence).

By following these tips and incorporating “Je fais” into your conversations, you’ll be on your way to speaking French fluently while expressing a range of activities and actions.


Mastering the different ways to say “Je fais” will greatly enhance your French language skills. Remember to adapt your expressions to the level of formality required by the situation. By using the formal or informal versions appropriately, you can confidently communicate with native French speakers. With the help of numerous tips and examples, you now have the tools to express yourself creatively and fluently using “Je fais.” So, go ahead, practice, and enjoy your French language journey!

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