Guide on How to Say “Help” in Different Languages

Hello there! In this guide, we will explore how to say “help” in various languages from around the globe. Whether you find yourself traveling internationally or simply want to expand your linguistic knowledge, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the formal and informal ways to express “help” in different languages. So, let’s get started!

1. Saying “Help” in European Languages

1. English

Formal: “Help”
Informal: “Help me out!”

2. Spanish

Formal: “Ayuda”
Informal: “¡Ayúdame!”

3. French

Formal: “Aidez-moi”
Informal: “Aide-moi”

2. Saying “Help” in Asian Languages 1. Mandarin Chinese

Formal: “救命” (jiùmìng)
Informal: “帮帮我” (bāng bāng wǒ)

2. Japanese

Formal: “助けてください” (tasukete kudasai)
Informal: “助けて” (tasukete)

3. Korean

Formal: “도와주세요” (dowajuseyo)
Informal: “도와줘” (dowajwo)

3. Saying “Help” in African Languages 1. Swahili

Formal: “Usaidizi”
Informal: “Tusaidie”

2. Zulu

Formal: “Ukunsthandazela”
Informal: “Siza”

3. Amharic

Formal: “እይታ” (eyyota)
Informal: “እይታ አድርጌ” (eyyota adirge)

4. Saying “Help” in Middle Eastern Languages 1. Arabic

Formal: “النجدة” (annajda)
Informal: “ساعدني” (sa‛idny)

2. Hebrew

Formal: “עזרה” (ezrah)
Informal: “עזור לי” (ezor li)

3. Persian (Farsi)

Formal: “کمک کنید” (komak konid)
Informal: “کمکم کن” (komakam kon)

Final Words

Learning how to say “help” in different languages can be a valuable skill, allowing you to communicate effectively in various situations. Remember to be polite and respectful when seeking assistance, as cultural norms differ worldwide.

Additionally, keep in mind that variations of pronunciation and regional dialects may exist within each language. Embrace these differences as you engage with new cultures and languages, and always approach learning with an open mind.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you! May your linguistic journey be filled with exciting discoveries and enriching experiences. Happy learning!

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