How to Say “Half Korean” in Korean: A Guide to Formal and Informal Expressions

Are you curious about how to say “half Korean” in Korean? Whether you’re a mixed-race individual or simply interested in learning the language, we’re here to guide you through the various ways to express this concept in both formal and informal contexts. Additionally, we’ll provide regional variations, if necessary. Let’s dive into the captivating world of Korean linguistics!

Formal Ways to Say “Half Korean” in Korean

When it comes to formal expressions, the Korean language offers several options to convey the idea of being half Korean. Here are some phrases you can use when the situation demands a more polite tone:

1. 반 한국인 [ban hanguk-in]

The phrase “반 한국인” is the formal way to say “half Korean” in Korean. “반” means “half” and “한국인” represents “Korean” or “a Korean person.” So, by combining these two words, you can perfectly communicate your mixed heritage in a respectful manner.

2. 혼혈 한국인 [honhyeol hanguk-in]

Another formal way to express being half Korean is by using the phrase “혼혈 한국인.” “혼혈” means “mixed blood” or “mixed heritage,” and “한국인” signifies “Korean” or “a Korean person.” Employing this term ensures that you convey your identity with great precision and formality.

Informal Ways to Say “Half Korean” in Korean

Now, let’s explore some informal expressions that you can use when conversing with friends, peers, or family members. These phrases are suitable for casual contexts:

1. 반쪽 한국인 [banjjok hanguk-in]

The term “반쪽 한국인” is an informal way to say “half Korean” in Korean. “반쪽” corresponds to “half” while “한국인” means “Korean” or “a Korean person.” By using this phrase, you can effortlessly communicate your mixed heritage in a relaxed setting.

2. 혼혈 한국 사람 [honhyeol hanguk saram]

Another informal expression to convey being half Korean is “혼혈 한국 사람.” “혼혈” signifies “mixed blood” or “mixed heritage,” and “한국 사람” translates to “Korean person.” Employing this phrase in an informal setting will allow you to convey your dual heritage in a friendly and casual manner.

Regional Variations

While the formal and informal expressions mentioned above are widely used across South Korea, it’s important to note that there might be regional variations in language usage. In some regions, local dialects or cultural nuances may influence how people refer to being “half Korean.” To ensure accuracy and clarity, it’s advisable to consult with locals or experts while using these expressions in different regions.

Tips and Examples:

Tips for Using the Phrases:

  • Always consider the context and relationship dynamics when choosing between formal and informal expressions.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal cues and adjust your speech accordingly.
  • When unsure, it’s better to err on the side of caution and use a more formal expression.
  • Respect local variations and be open to learning regional differences in language usage.



Colleague: “안녕하세요! 반 한국인이라고 들었는데, 정확하게 맞나요?”

You: “네, 맞습니다. 반 한국인입니다.”

Colleague: “아, 흥미로워요! 어떤 언어를 더 잘하시나요?”


Friend: “반쪽 한국인은 한국 음식을 좋아하나요?”

You: “네, 맞아요. 한국 음식은 정말 맛있거든요!”

Friend: “그럼 같이 한국 음식 먹으러 가자!”

Remember, these examples are just a glimpse into the vast possibilities of using these expressions. Feel free to adapt and personalize them as per your situation and preferences.

With these formal and informal ways to say “half Korean” in Korean, you will be able to confidently express your mixed heritage in various social situations. Remember to respect regional variations and always adjust your language based on the formality of the context. Enjoy exploring the Korean language and embracing your unique identity!

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