How to Say Half Brother: Formal and Informal Ways to Refer to a Half Brother

If you have a half brother, it’s important to know how to refer to him properly in different situations. The term “half brother” is used to describe a brother with whom you share either one biological parent or one stepparent. In this guide, we will explore the formal and informal ways to address your half brother. Whether you’re conversing with friends, introducing him to others, or writing about him, these tips and examples will help you communicate effectively.

1. Formal Ways to Refer to a Half Brother

When speaking formally, such as in a professional setting, it’s important to choose the appropriate terms to refer to your half brother. Here are some formal ways to address him:

1.1 “My half brother”

The most straightforward and commonly used term is “my half brother.” It clearly states the nature of the relationship and is widely understood.

Example: I would like to introduce you to my half brother, James. He’s such a kind-hearted person.

1.2 “My sibling from a different parent”

If you prefer a more descriptive phrase, you can use “my sibling from a different parent.” This term emphasizes the distinction in parentage.

Example: This is Michael, my sibling from a different parent. We may have different fathers, but our bond is unbreakable.

1.3 “My half sibling”

While “half sibling” is a more gender-neutral term, it can be used in formal settings to refer to a half brother as well. This term is suitable when discussing family relationships in a professional environment.

Example: As my half sibling, Sarah has always been there to support me through thick and thin.

2. Informal Ways to Refer to a Half Brother

In less formal settings, such as among friends and family, you have more flexibility in how you refer to your half brother. Here are some informal ways to address him:

2.1 “My bro”

“Bro” is a common term used among friends to refer to a close male friend. Using this term with your half brother can convey a sense of camaraderie and affection.

Example: Hey, meet my bro, Alex! We’ve been partners in crime since we were kids.

2.2 “My half sibling, but he’s practically my brother”

If you want to acknowledge the half sibling relationship but emphasize the closeness, you can say, “He’s my half sibling, but he’s practically my brother.” This shows that the bond between both of you is strong and goes beyond blood ties.

Example: Yeah, we’re technically half siblings, but James is practically my brother. We share everything and are always there for each other.

2.3 “My other half”

Using the phrase “my other half” is a playful and endearing way to refer to your half brother, emphasizing the unique bond you share.

Example: I can always count on my other half, Tom, to make me laugh even on my worst days.


When it comes to addressing your half brother, it’s essential to consider the setting and choose an appropriate term. In formal situations, stick to terms like “my half brother” or “my half sibling.” In more informal settings, you can use terms like “my bro” or “my other half” to express your bond more affectionately. Regardless of the terminology you choose, the most important thing is to cherish and appreciate the special relationship you have with your half brother.

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