How to Say “Come Play” in Spanish: Formal and Informal Ways, Tips, and Examples

Learning how to say “come play” in Spanish can be a great way to start engaging with locals and enjoying a variety of activities while visiting Spanish-speaking countries. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to express this invitation, providing tips and examples along the way. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Come Play” in Spanish

If you want to extend a formal invitation to someone in a polite manner, here are a few phrases you can use:

1. “Venga a jugar”

This phrase uses the formal imperative form of “venir,” which means “to come.” It is a polite way to invite someone to play and is suitable for formal occasions or addressing someone in a position of authority.

“El señor García, ¿le gustaría venir a jugar con nosotros?”
(Mr. García, would you like to come play with us?)

2. “Le invito a jugar”

This phrase translates to “I invite you to play” and can be used when you want to extend a formal invitation to someone. It shows respect and is perfect for business settings or when addressing someone older than you.

“Estimado Sr. Rodríguez, le invito a jugar al fútbol este sábado.”
(Dear Mr. Rodríguez, I invite you to come and play soccer this Saturday.)

Informal Ways to Say “Come Play” in Spanish

When speaking with friends, family, or people in casual situations, you can use these more relaxed phrases:

1. “Ven a jugar”

This is the informal way to say “come play” in Spanish and is commonly used among friends or when talking to younger people. It uses the second-person singular imperative form of “venir.”

“Juan, ¡ven a jugar al parque con nosotros!”
(Juan, come play at the park with us!)

2. “Juguemos”

This phrase translates to “let’s play” and is a fun and enthusiastic way to invite someone to join you in playing a game or participating in an activity.

“¡Está soleado! ¡Juguemos a la pelota en la playa!”
(It’s sunny! Let’s play ball on the beach!)

Tips for Using the Phrases

Now that you know the different ways to say “come play” in Spanish, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Consider the Context

Before using any of these phrases, consider the formality of the situation and the relationship you have with the person you are inviting. Adjust your language accordingly to show appropriate respect.

2. Non-Verbal Cues

When inviting someone to play, always remember that non-verbal cues, such as a smile or gesture, can enhance your invitation and make it more engaging.

3. Regional Variations

Keep in mind that Spanish varies across regions, so some phrases may sound different or may not be commonly used in certain areas. It’s always good to learn about the specific dialect or usage in the region you are visiting.


Knowing how to say “come play” in Spanish opens up opportunities to connect with locals, immerse yourself in cultural activities, and make new friends. Whether you want to invite someone formally or casually, the phrases provided in this guide will help you extend your invitation with confidence and warmth. Remember to adapt your language to the situation and enjoy the experience of playing in a Spanish-speaking environment. ¡Diviértete jugando!

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