Guide: How to Say “App” in English

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “app” in English! Whether you’re looking for formal or informal ways to express this common term, we have you covered. In this guide, we’ll cover various ways to say “app” in English, provide tips and examples, and even touch on regional variations. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “App” in English

When it comes to formal settings, you may want to rely on more professional-sounding alternatives to the term “app.” Here are a few options:

1. Application

The most formal and widely accepted term for an “app” is “application.” This term is commonly used in formal contexts, such as business meetings or academic settings. For example:

“Our team has developed a new application to streamline our business processes.”

2. Software Application

If you need to emphasize that the “app” is a software-based tool, you can use the phrase “software application.” This term often works well in technical discussions or when referring to enterprise-level applications. For instance:

“The software application we developed has significantly improved the efficiency of our manufacturing process.”

Informal Ways to Say “App” in English

In informal situations, you have more flexibility and can use simpler and more casual alternatives to “app.” Below are a few common options:

1. Mobile App

In casual conversations, referring to an “app” as a “mobile app” is widely understood and commonly used. This term clearly indicates that the application is designed for use on mobile devices. For example:

“Have you tried that new mobile app for tracking expenses? It’s really helpful!”

2. App

While “app” itself is an informal abbreviation of “application,” it has become widely accepted as a standalone term, especially in casual conversations or among tech-savvy individuals. Here’s an example:

“I found an app that recommends great books based on your reading preferences. You should check it out!”

Regional Variations

English is spoken in many countries around the world, and regional variations in vocabulary are common. However, when it comes to the term “app,” it remains relatively consistent across English-speaking regions. Therefore, you can confidently use the same terms mentioned above regardless of where you are.

Tips for Using Alternatives to “App”

When using alternative terms for “app,” keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider the context: Choose the term that best fits the formality of the situation.
  • Know your audience: Use the term that your audience is most likely to understand.
  • Be consistent: Once you choose an alternative term, stick with it throughout your conversation or presentation.


Now that you have a variety of options for saying “app” in English, you can confidently choose the term that best suits your needs. Remember, in formal contexts, “application” or “software application” are suitable choices, while in casual conversations, “mobile app” or simply “app” will do the job. Regardless of which term you choose, ensure that it aligns with the level of formality and the understanding of your audience. Happy app-ing!

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