How to Say “Will You Marry Me?” in Norwegian

When it comes to expressing your love and proposing marriage in Norwegian, it’s important to understand both the formal and informal ways to make your intentions clear. Norwegian, like any language, has different regional variations and nuances, but for the purposes of this guide, we will cover the standard way of saying “Will you marry me?” You’ll also find some useful tips and examples to help you navigate this special moment.

Formal Way:

1. Vil du gifte deg med meg? (Will you marry me?)

The phrase “Vil du gifte deg med meg?” is the standard and most common way to ask someone to marry you in Norwegian. It is a direct and formal question that effectively conveys your intentions. When proposing in a formal setting or in front of others, this is the appropriate phrase to use.

Informal Way:

2. Vil du gifte deg med meg? (Will you marry me?)

Unlike some other languages, Norwegian doesn’t have a specific informal way to propose marriage. The phrase “Vil du gifte deg med meg?” can be used in both formal and informal situations. However, the tone and setting in which you ask may still determine the level of formality or informality.

Tips for Proposing in Norwegian:

1. Be Sincere and Authentic: Regardless of the language you use, the most important aspect of proposing is to be sincere and genuine. Make sure your words come from the heart and that they reflect your true feelings for your partner.

2. Know Your Partner’s Language Preference: If your partner is a native Norwegian speaker or has a strong connection to their culture, proposing in Norwegian can be a meaningful gesture. Consider their language preference when deciding how to pop the question.

3. Practice Pronunciation: While Norwegian is known for its melodic and rhythmic qualities, it can also present some challenges in pronunciation for non-native speakers. Take the time to practice saying the phrase correctly, ensuring that your partner can understand your words clearly.


1. Proposal in a formal setting:

Partner: “Jeg er så glad for at du er i mitt liv.” (I’m so glad you’re in my life.)

You: “Vil du gifte deg med meg?” (Will you marry me?)

Partner: “Ja! Jeg vil gjerne gifte meg med deg!” (Yes! I would love to marry you!)

2. Proposal in an informal setting:

Partner: “Jeg elsker deg så høyt!” (I love you so much!)

You: “Vil du gifte deg med meg?” (Will you marry me?)

Partner: “Selvfølgelig! Jeg vil tilbringe resten av livet mitt med deg!” (Of course! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!)

Remember, the key is to make the proposal personal and memorable for both you and your partner. While the words you use are important, the love and commitment behind them are what truly matter. Good luck with your proposal and congratulations in advance!

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Written by Matthew Elliot

Hei alle sammen! Jeg heter Matthew, a passionate linguist and expert in Norwegian language. My fascination for Norway and its beautiful dialects birthed numerous guide posts about saying common Norwegian words. When I am not busy writing on the nuances of the Norwegian language or teaching "Jeg elsker deg" to language novices, you'll find me hiking through fjords or attempting to perfect my Klippfisk recipe. As a true Norwegophile, I get immense delight in unraveling the intricacies of Norwegian culture and bringing a slice of Norge to my readers. Håper du nyter å lese mine innlegg like mye som jeg liker å skrive dem.

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