How to Say Tuesday in Romanian: A Comprehensive Guide

Gaining knowledge of basic words and phrases in any language is always an exciting endeavor. If you’re interested in discovering how to say “Tuesday” in Romanian, this guide will provide you with not only the formal and informal ways of expressing it but also some extra tips, examples, and possible regional variations. Whether you’re planning a trip to Romania, have Romanian friends, or simply love learning new languages, this guide will help you master the word “Tuesday” in Romanian.

Formal Ways to Say Tuesday

When you want to use the formal language to say “Tuesday” in Romanian, you have a couple of options:

1. Marți

The most common and widely recognized formal term for “Tuesday” in Romanian is “marți”. This is used across the country in various contexts, such as official meetings, business settings, and educational institutions. It is important to note that Tuesday is the second day of the week in Romania, following Monday (luni).


“Ne vedem marți la ședința săptămânală.” (We’ll meet on Tuesday for the weekly meeting.)

2. Ziua a doua

Another formal way to refer to “Tuesday” is “ziua a doua”, which translates to “the second day.” This expression is less common in everyday speech but may be used in more formal settings, such as official documents or historic contexts.


“Conferința internațională va avea loc în ziua a doua a săptămânii.” (The international conference will take place on the second day of the week.)

Informal Ways to Say Tuesday

When speaking in a more casual or informal manner, Romanians often use the following expressions to refer to “Tuesday”:

1. Marțea

The most common informal way to say “Tuesday” in Romanian is “marțea”, which means “on Tuesday.” This form is used in everyday conversations and is widely understood across the country.


“Mergem la film marțea.” (We go to the movies on Tuesdays.)

2. Marţișor

While not directly referring to “Tuesday” itself, the term “marţișor” holds great significance in Romanian culture. It is a traditional celebration held on the 1st of March to welcome spring. “Marţișor” refers to the red and white twisted thread decoration that Romanians wear during this time, symbolizing good luck and the arrival of spring. Although this term is not directly tied to the word “Tuesday,” it is an interesting and culturally rich word associated with that particular day of the week.


“Hai să purtăm marţişoare pe 1 martie!” (Let’s wear marţişor on the 1st of March!)

Tips for Pronunciation

Pronouncing Romanian words can be a delightful challenge. To help you accurately say “Tuesday” in Romanian, here are a few pronunciation tips:

  • Remember that “ț” is pronounced like “ts” in English.
  • “a” is always pronounced as in “car” (open “a” sound).
  • The stress typically falls on the penultimate syllable, so “marți” has a stressed “ț”.

Possible Regional Variations

Romanian, like any language, can have regional variations. However, when it comes to expressing “Tuesday,” the variations are not significant. The terms mentioned earlier, such as “marți” and “marțea,” are universally understood across Romania without regional differences. Nevertheless, specific dialects or local idiomatic expressions may vary slightly when referring to “Tuesday.”


Congratulations on completing this comprehensive guide on how to say “Tuesday” in Romanian. Now you have the tools to communicate effectively in formal and informal settings, impress your Romanian friends, or confidently navigate your way through Romania. Remember to practice the pronunciation and usage of these phrases to ensure fluency. Learning a new language enriches our cultural understanding and opens doors to exciting opportunities!

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