Guide: How to Say “Small” in Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a thrilling and immersive virtual reality game where players embody gorillas and swing through lush jungle environments. To enhance your experience and communicate effectively with other players, it’s important to know how to express yourself using simple keywords. In this guide, we’ll focus on the keyword “small” and discuss both formal and informal ways to say it.

Formal Ways to Say “Small”

When playing Gorilla Tag, you may encounter situations where you need to express the concept of “small” in a more formal manner. Here are some appropriate ways to do so:

1. Petite

When referring to something small and delicate, “petite” is a great option. For example, if you spot a tiny platform or object in the game, you can say, “That platform is quite petite.”

2. Minuscule

If you come across an extremely tiny or almost unnoticeable item, you can describe it as “minuscule.” For instance, when talking about a small gap between two branches, you could say, “Watch out for that minuscule opening.”

3. Diminutive

When you want to convey the idea of something being small or of insignificant size, you can use the term “diminutive.” For instance, if you find a small hidden passage, you might call it a “diminutive pathway.”

Informal Ways to Say “Small”

Gorilla Tag is also a place where informal and casual language thrives. Here are some friendly and relaxed ways to express “small” among your fellow players:

1. Tiny

Sometimes, plain and simple words are the best choice. “Tiny” is a commonly used term in Gorilla Tag to refer to small objects or creatures. For example, you can let others know about a small ledge by saying, “There’s a tiny ledge ahead, be careful!”

2. Itty-bitty

Using playful language adds a touch of fun to the game. “Itty-bitty” is an endearing term that’s perfect when referring to something remarkably small. If you see a small item you need to point out, saying “Look, an itty-bitty banana!” might put a smile on everyone’s faces.

3. Teensy-weensy

This whimsical phrase is an entertaining way to describe something incredibly small. It’s guaranteed to lighten the mood and spread a joyous atmosphere among the players. For instance, imagine spotting a small enemy gorilla, you could exclaim, “Watch out for the teensy-weensy monkey!”

Regional Variations

In Gorilla Tag, players from around the world unite, creating a diverse and culturally rich community. While English is widely spoken, it’s intriguing to explore regional variations of language. Here’s an example of a regional variation from the United Kingdom:

1. Lickle (UK English)

In the UK, the word “lickle” is often used instead of “little” as an endearing way to say “small.” For instance, if you want to describe a small branch, you can say, “Look at that lickle branch up there!”

Tip: While exploring regional variations can be fun, always be mindful of cultural sensitivities and ensure your language is inclusive and respectful.


Gorilla Tag is an exciting virtual reality game where effective communication enhances the gameplay experience. In this guide, we covered both formal and informal ways to say “small.” From the formal terms like “petite,” “minuscule,” and “diminutive” to the informal and playful expressions like “tiny,” “itty-bitty,” and “teensy-weensy,” you now have a variety of tools to describe small objects or creatures in the game. Additionally, we touched on a regional variation, “lickle,” used in the United Kingdom.

Remember, when interacting with other players, maintaining a warm and friendly tone is crucial. Enjoy the game, use these expressions to communicate effectively, and have a blast swinging through the virtual jungle as a gorilla in Gorilla Tag!

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