How to Say Rock Paper Scissors in Tagalog

In the Philippines, the game of rock paper scissors is a popular and fun way to settle disputes, make decisions, or simply pass the time. Whether you’re looking to learn how to say rock paper scissors in Tagalog for casual conversations or more formal situations, this guide will provide you with the essential phrases and tips you need to know. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say Rock Paper Scissors in Tagalog

If you find yourself in a formal setting, such as a professional gathering or a business meeting, it’s important to use the appropriate language. Here are the formal ways to say rock paper scissors in Tagalog:

Pedra, papel, gunting.

This is the literal translation of rock paper scissors in Tagalog. Although it may vary slightly in different regions of the Philippines, this phrase is generally understood and accepted island-wide. Remember to pronounce each word clearly and articulately.

Informal Ways to Say Rock Paper Scissors in Tagalog

When engaging in casual conversations with friends, family, or peers, you can use more relaxed and informal language. Here are some common expressions for rock paper scissors in Tagalog:

1. Bato, papel, gunting

This is the most commonly used informal phrase for rock paper scissors in Tagalog. It follows the same sequence as the formal version, but replaces “pedra” with the more widely used “bato.” It’s a straightforward and easily recognizable expression.

2. Bato-bato-pick

In a more playful setting, you might hear people use the phrase “bato-bato-pick.” This is a variation where the word “pick” is added at the end. It’s a popular phrase among younger generations and adds a catchy rhythm to the game.

Tips for Playing Rock Paper Scissors in Tagalog

Now that you know how to say rock paper scissors in Tagalog, let’s explore some tips to enhance your game:

1. Hand gestures

Just like in any version of rock paper scissors, hand gestures play a crucial role. Make sure you understand the hand signals for rock, paper, and scissors:

  • Rock: Make a fist with your hand.
  • Paper: Extend your hand flat with all fingers spread out.
  • Scissors: Create a scissors shape by crossing the index and middle fingers while keeping the other fingers extended.

2. Counting aloud

In Tagalog, counting out loud while playing rock paper scissors is a common practice. It helps build anticipation and adds excitement to the game. Try saying “isa, dalawa, tatlo!” which means “one, two, three!” while making the corresponding hand signal.

3. Eye contact

When playing rock paper scissors, maintaining eye contact with your opponent is essential. It adds an element of challenge and makes the game more engaging. However, remember to keep it light-hearted and friendly, as it’s meant to be a fun activity.


Let’s take a look at a few examples of how the phrases and tips come together in real-life scenarios:

Example 1:

A group of friends is deciding who will go first in a game of cards.

Friend A: Bato, papel, gunting!

Friend B: Bato!

Friend C: Gunting!

Friend D: Papel!

Friend A: Dapat ako, papel talo sa bato!

Friend B, C, and D burst into laughter.

In this example, the friends use the informal expression “bato, papel, gunting” to decide who goes first. Although Friend A loses, the mood remains light and friendly.

Example 2:

A family gathering where the younger members are playing rock paper scissors for fun.

Cousin A: Bato, bato… pick!

Cousin B and C: Scissors!

Cousin A: Rock!

Cousin B: Oh no, you win again!

Here, the cousins use the playful expression “bato-bato-pick” to keep the atmosphere fun and entertaining. Cousin A continues to dominate the game with their rock hand gesture.

Remember, rock paper scissors is ultimately a game of chance and enjoyment. Whether you’re engaging in a formal or informal conversation, these phrases and tips will help you seamlessly integrate into the Tagalog-speaking community. So go ahead, challenge your friends to a rousing game of bato, papel, gunting, and may the best hand win!

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