How to Say Raven in Norwegian

Welcome to this guide where we will explore how to say “raven” in Norwegian. Ravens are magnificent birds known for their intelligence and striking appearance. In Norwegian, there are several ways to refer to these beautiful creatures. We will cover the formal and informal ways to say “raven,” and if necessary, discuss regional variations. Throughout this guide, we’ll provide you with numerous examples, tips, and explanations. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Norwegian vocabulary!

Formal Ways to Say Raven in Norwegian

When it comes to formal language, Norwegians often use specific terms for animals. In formal settings or when speaking to someone you don’t have an intimate relationship with, you can use the following words to refer to a raven:

1. Kråke

The formal word for “raven” in Norwegian is “kråke.” This term covers both the common raven (Corvus corax) and similar-looking species. It is the most commonly used and recognized term for “raven” in the Norwegian language. Here’s an example sentence:

“Kråken fløy elegant gjennom den dystre skogen.” (The raven flew gracefully through the dark forest.)

2. Svartfugl

Another formal way to refer to a raven is by using the word “svartfugl.” This term translates to “black bird” and can also be used for other black-colored birds. However, it is less specific to ravens. Here’s an example of its usage:

“Jeg observerte en stor svartfugl i nærheten av gården.” (I observed a large black bird near the farm.)

Informal Ways to Say Raven in Norwegian

Informal language allows for more creativity and flexibility, so when talking with friends, family, or peers, you can use less formal expressions to describe a raven:

1. Kråka

The most common informal way to say “raven” is by using the word “kråka.” It is an affectionate and playful term often used by Norwegians in everyday conversations. Here’s an example:

“Se på den store kråka! Den er virkelig majestetisk.” (Look at that big raven! It’s truly majestic.)

2. Svarttrost

Norwegians sometimes use the word “svarttrost” informally to refer to a raven. However, it can lead to confusion as “svarttrost” usually refers to a blackbird in taxonomic terms. Nonetheless, due to its melodic sound and association with the color black, it occasionally pops up in colloquial conversations:

“Han skrek som en svarttrost!” (He screamed like a raven!)

Regional Variations

While Norwegian has two official written forms, Bokmål and Nynorsk, and a wide range of dialects, the variations in describing a raven are minimal. The aforementioned terms are widely understood throughout the country. However, it’s fascinating to note how different areas might have unique ways of referring to ravens in their local dialects. These variations can add beautiful diversity to the Norwegian language.


In this comprehensive guide, we explored the various ways to say “raven” in Norwegian. We covered the formal terms “kråke” and “svartfugl,” as well as the informal expressions “kråka” and “svarttrost.” We also discussed how regional dialects might influence the choice of words used to describe ravens. Remember, the most common and widely recognizable term for “raven” is “kråke,” regardless of the context. Now you can confidently incorporate these Norwegian words into your vocabulary and dive deeper into the enchanting world of ravens!

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56 minutes ago

Hi there!
I’m sorry, but the most common Norwegian word for Raven is “Ravn”. There’s also the word “Korp”, but it’s pretty much only used in some areas of the country, not everywhere. The word “Kråke” means Crow actually, not raven. Though, there’s this word “Kråkefugl” (litterally “crow bird”) that’s the umbrella term for both crows, ravens and magpies, and it can be used to not specify just one of the three types of birds.

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