How to Say Pompadour in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

Bienvenidos! If you’ve ever wondered how to say “pompadour” in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to expand your language skills, it’s important to know how to effectively communicate your hairstyle preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to express “pompadour” in Spanish, both formally and informally. Let’s jump right in!

Formal Ways to Say Pompadour in Spanish

When it comes to formal settings or more professional contexts, it’s important to use appropriate language. Here are a couple of ways to convey the term “pompadour” formally:

1. Estilo Pompadour

This is perhaps the most straightforward and widely recognized way to say “pompadour” in Spanish. “Estilo” means style, and when combined with the term “Pompadour,” it creates a clear and concise expression loved by Spanish speakers worldwide. Using this phrase is perfectly acceptable in formal conversations or when discussing hairstyles in professional settings.

2. Corte de Pelo Pompadour

If you want to be specific and mention “haircut” while referring to the pompadour style, you can use “Corte de Pelo Pompadour.” This phrase emphasizes that you are specifically referring to a haircut that features a pompadour.

Informal Ways to Say Pompadour in Spanish

Now, let’s explore some more casual and informal expressions for “pompadour” in Spanish. These might come in handy when chatting with friends or in less formal contexts.

1. Peinado Pompadour

In informal situations, you can use “Peinado Pompadour” to describe the pompadour hairstyle. “Peinado” translates to hairstyle, and when followed by “Pompadour,” it provides a clear understanding of the style you are referring to.

2. Peinado Con Volumen Hacia Atrás

If you wish to describe the pompadour without directly using the term, you can say “Peinado Con Volumen Hacia Atrás,” which translates to “Hairstyle with Volume Backwards.” This allows you to convey the essence of the pompadour style while using a more descriptive phrase.

Examples of Pompadour in Spanish Sentences

Now that we’ve covered the formal and informal ways to say “pompadour” in Spanish, let’s dive into some example sentences that feature this stylish hairstyle:

Formal Examples:

  • “Me gustaría un peinado estilo Pompadour, por favor” – “I would like a pompadour-style haircut, please.”
  • “El corte de pelo Pompadour está muy de moda este año” – “The pompadour haircut is very trendy this year.”

Informal Examples:

  • “¿Has visto su peinado Pompadour? ¡Se ve genial!” – “Have you seen his pompadour hairstyle? It looks awesome!”
  • “Hoy me haré un peinado con volumen hacia atrás. Quiero probar algo estilo pompadour” – “Today I’m going for a hairstyle with volume backwards. I want to try something like a pompadour.”

Regional Variations

While the expressions provided above are widely understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world, it’s worth noting that regional variations might exist. Such variations are usually subtle and should not cause significant confusion. However, it’s always helpful to be aware of regional differences. In most cases, the previously mentioned phrases will suffice across different Spanish-speaking countries.

Tip: To navigate regional variations, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with specific local terms for hairstyles. Additionally, observing local fashion trends and popular hairstyles in your target region can assist you in effectively communicating your desired pompadour style.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to say “pompadour” in Spanish, both formally and informally. Remember that “Estilo Pompadour” and “Corte de Pelo Pompadour” will serve you well in formal scenarios. If informality is your aim, consider using “Peinado Pompadour” or “Peinado Con Volumen Hacia Atrás.” Lastly, be mindful of any regional variations in expressions related to hairstyles while embracing the diverse beauty of the Spanish language. ¡Buena suerte!

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