Guide: How to Say “I am Learning Tamil” in Tamil

Learning a new language is an exciting and enriching experience. If you are interested in learning Tamil, the Dravidian language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Sri Lanka, expressing your interest in Tamil to native speakers can help create a positive and friendly environment for your language journey. In this guide, we will explore how to say “I am learning Tamil” in various contexts, including formal and informal ways. Let’s dive right in!

Formal Ways to Say “I am Learning Tamil”

When speaking formally, such as in professional settings, with elders, or in official situations, you can use the following phrases to express your dedication to learning Tamil:

  1. நன்றாக தமிழ் கற்கிறேன் (Naṉṟāka Tamil kaṟkiṟēṉ) – This translates to “I am learning Tamil well.” It shows a strong commitment to the language and may impress others with your dedication.
  2. தமிழ் கற்கிறேன் (Tamil kaṟkiṟēṉ) – This phrase simply means “I am learning Tamil.” It is a straightforward expression of your learning journey and is suitable for most formal situations.
  3. தமிழை கற்பிக்கிறேன் (Tamilai kaṟpikkiṟēn) – Translating to “I am trying to learn Tamil,” this phrase conveys your efforts to grasp the language, indicating that you are actively engaged in the learning process.

Informal Ways to Say “I am Learning Tamil”

When speaking informally with friends, peers, or younger individuals, you can use the following expressions to share your enthusiasm for learning Tamil comfortably:

  1. நான் தமிழ் கற்கிறேன் (Nāṉ Tamil kaṟkiṟēṉ) – This is the simplest and most commonly used phrase to say “I am learning Tamil.” It is a friendly and approachable way to indicate your interest in the language.
  2. தமிழ் கற்பிக்கிறேன் (Tamil kaṟpikkiṟēn) – Similar to the formal expression, this phrase conveys that you are trying to learn Tamil. It can be used both formally and informally, depending on the context.
  3. தமிழ் கற்கும் பயன் தெரியுமா? (Tamil kaṟkum payaṉ teriyumā?) – Translated to “Do you know the usefulness of learning Tamil?” using this question shows your interest in discussing the language and can lead to engaging conversations.

Extra Tips and Examples

Learning a new language takes time and practice. Here are some additional tips and examples that can help you navigate conversations when expressing your desire to learn Tamil:


  • Be enthusiastic: Show your genuine interest in Tamil by maintaining a positive and excited attitude. Native speakers will appreciate your dedication and may even offer assistance.
  • Practice greetings: Learn common Tamil greetings like “வணக்கம் (vaṇakkam)” for hello and “நலமாக இருக்கும் (nalamaḵa irukkum)” for goodbye. Using greetings can create a friendly atmosphere for language exchanges.
  • Watch Tamil movies and read books: Immersing yourself in Tamil cinema, literature, or music can deepen your understanding of the language and culture. It also helps you discover new phrases and expressions to enrich your conversations.



Person A: தமிழ் கற்கிறேன் (Tamil kaṟkiṟēṉ) – I am learning Tamil.

Person B: வா பேரிசைப்படுவோம்! (Vā pērisai paṭuvōm!) – Let’s practice together!


Person A: தமிழா பேசலாமா? (Tamilā pēcalāmā?) – Can we speak in Tamil?

Person B: ஆமாம்! எனக்கும் தமிழ் கற்கிறேன்! (Āmām! Eṉakkum Tamil kaṟkiṟēn!) – Yes! I am learning Tamil too!

Remember, language learning is a journey, and it’s essential to embrace the process with an open mind and willingness to make mistakes. Native Tamil speakers will appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm toward learning their language, so don’t hesitate to practice speaking and ask for help whenever needed.

Now that you have learned various ways to express your interest in learning Tamil, go out and practice with native speakers or other language enthusiasts. Enjoy the beauty of the Tamil language and explore the rich cultural heritage it represents!

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