How to Say “I am Excited” in Korean

Hello there! If you’re looking to express your excitement in Korean, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re eager about an upcoming event, a new opportunity, or just feeling pumped about life, this guide will equip you with the perfect phrases to convey your excitement in both formal and informal settings. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Formal Expressions of Excitement

Formal situations require a more polite and respectful approach. Here are a few ways to express your excitement formally:

1. 너무 기대돼요! (Neomu Gidaedwaeyo!)

This phrase translates to “I’m very excited!” and can be used in various situations. Whether you’re awaiting a special occasion or about to embark on a thrilling adventure, this expression conveys your genuine enthusiasm.

2. 저는 정말로 흥분되고 있습니다. (Jeoneun Jeongmallo Heungbundeogo Itseumnida.)

If you want to express extreme excitement formally, this phrase is perfect. It means “I am really thrilled!” and is appropriate for occasions where you want to emphasize your immense enthusiasm.

3. 완전 설레! (Wanjeon Seolle!)

When you’re bursting with excitement in a more casual yet still formal setting, you can use this phrase which means “I’m totally excited!”. It’s an excellent choice for expressing your enthusiasm in a friendly manner.

Informal Expressions of Excitement

Informal situations allow for a more relaxed and comfortable approach. Here are a few ways to express your excitement casually:

1. 와! 정말 신나! (Wa! Jeongmal Sinnah!)

Picture yourself in a lively gathering or with close friends, and this phrase will come in handy. It translates to “Wow! I’m so excited!” and conveys your genuine enthusiasm in a fun and informal manner.

2. 내가 너무 설레! (Naega Neomu Seolle!)

When you’re incredibly excited about something in a relaxed setting, this phrase is perfect. It means “I’m so thrilled!” and showcases your excitement in a conversation with friends or family.

3. 완전 싱글벙글해! (Wanjeon Singeulbeonggeulhae!)

If you’re feeling ecstatic and full of joy, this phrase portrays your excitement in a playful way. It can be translated as “I’m super-duper excited!”. Use it with friends who enjoy a lively exchange of emotions!

Tips and Examples

Now that you have some phrases under your belt, here are some handy tips and examples to help you express excitement like a pro:


  • Use appropriate body language to complement your words. Smile, show enthusiasm through your gestures, and let your excitement shine through.
  • Modify your tone and volume to match the level of your excitement. Being energetic and positive will help convey your emotions effectively.
  • Consider the specific context you’re in. Different situations may call for varying degrees of formality, so choose the appropriate phrase accordingly.


Formal: 토요일에 저의 생일 파티가 있는데, 너무 기대돼요! (Toyoile jeo-ui saeng-il patiga inneunde, neomu gidaedwaeyo!) – My birthday party is on Saturday and I’m really excited!

Informal: 금요일에 콘서트에 갈 거야! 완전 싱글벙글해! (Geumyoile konseoteu-e gal geoya! Wanjeon singeulbeonggeulhae!) – I’m going to the concert on Friday! I’m super-duper excited!

Remember, expressing excitement is all about letting your positive emotions shine through. Feel free to use these phrases as a starting point and adapt them to match your unique situations and conversations. Now go out there and spread your excitement with confidence! 화이팅! (Hwaiting!)

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