How to Say Hot Water in Turkish

Gaining knowledge of basic vocabulary is crucial when learning a new language. Whether you are traveling to Turkey, studying the language, or simply have an affinity for Turkish culture, it’s always useful to know how to say various words and phrases. In this guide, we will explore the different ways to say “hot water” in Turkish, including both formal and informal expressions. Let’s dive in!

1. The Formal Way

When it comes to formal situations, such as addressing someone you are not familiar with or speaking in a professional setting, it’s important to use polite language. To ask for hot water formally in Turkish, you can say:

Sıcak su lütfen.

This simple phrase translates to “Hot water, please” in English. By using the word “lütfen” (please), you are adhering to polite speech etiquette in Turkish. It’s always beneficial to be considerate and show respect when interacting with others.

2. The Informal Way

Informal language is commonly used among friends, close acquaintances, or when speaking to someone younger than you. If you are in a casual setting and wish to ask for hot water informally, you can use the following phrase:

Sıcak su rica ederim.

This expression can be translated as “Could you please give me some hot water?” in English. Note that “rica ederim” means “please” in this context. It is polite but less formal than using “lütfen” in the previous example. Using this phrase will help you maintain a friendly and approachable tone with the person you are speaking to.

3. Regional Variations

While the formal and informal expressions mentioned above are widely understood throughout Turkey, it’s worth noting that there might be some regional variations in how people say “hot water.” These variations might stem from local dialects or cultural nuances. However, for the purpose of general communication, the formal and informal ways outlined earlier will suffice no matter where you are in Turkey.

4. Useful Tips and Examples

Here are a few additional tips and examples to help you understand and implement the phrases discussed:

4.1. Tip: Pronunciation

When pronouncing “sıcak su,” remember that “ı” is pronounced like the “uh” sound in the English word “put,” while “a” in “su” is pronounced like the “a” in “but.” Additionally, the “s” in “sıcak” is pronounced like the “s” in “sip,” and the “ü” in “lütfen” is pronounced like the “u” in “rude.”

4.2. Example Sentences

  • Example 1: Sıcak su istiyorum, elime dökmeyin lütfen. – I want hot water, please don’t spill it on my hand.
  • Example 2: Sıcak su rica ederim, çay demlemek istiyorum. – Could you please give me some hot water? I want to brew tea.
  • Example 3: Gün boyunca sıcak su içertmediler bize. – They didn’t give us hot water throughout the day.

These example sentences showcase different ways to use the phrases while incorporating them into everyday conversations. Expressing your needs and using the correct vocabulary will greatly enhance your interactions with Turkish speakers.


Congratulations! You have now learned how to say “hot water” in Turkish, both formally and informally. Remember to use “sıcak su lütfen” in formal situations and “sıcak su rica ederim” when speaking informally. Keep in mind the pronunciation tips, and feel free to use the given example sentences to practice and improve your skills. With these expressions in your arsenal, you will be able to confidently navigate conversations related to hot water in Turkish. Happy language learning!

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