How to Say Halal in Korean: A Guide to Formal and Informal Ways

If you’re a Muslim traveler or someone interested in halal food and products, it’s essential to know how to communicate your dietary needs in different languages. In this guide, we will explore how to say “halal” in Korean, both formally and informally. We will also provide tips, examples, and regional variations to help you in various Korean-speaking contexts.

Formal Way to Say Halal in Korean

When using the formal language in Korea, you can say “halal” by using the word “할랄” (pronounced “hal-lal”). This term is widely recognized and understood by Koreans, particularly in formal settings such as restaurants, hotels, or when engaging in official conversations. Here are a few examples of using “할랄” formally:

  • “저는 할랄 식품을 섭취해야 합니다.” (I need to consume halal food.)
  • “할랄 제품을 판매하고 있나요?” (Do you sell halal products?)
  • “여기에는 할랄 식당이 있나요?” (Are there any halal restaurants here?)

Using “할랄” in formal settings ensures clear communication about your dietary preferences or requirements. Koreans will understand your request and assist accordingly.

Informal Way to Say Halal in Korean

In more casual or informal situations, the term “할랄” may feel a bit too formal. Instead, you can opt for a more friendly and familiar way of expressing “halal” using the word “필라프” (pronounced “pi-ra-peu”). Korean Muslims often use this term when talking among friends or in informal gatherings. Here are a few examples of using “필라프” informally:

  • “필라프 음식은 가능할까요?” (Is it possible to have halal food?)
  • “필라프 제품은 어디서 구할 수 있을까요?” (Where can I find halal products?)
  • “필라프 식당을 알고 있나요?” (Do you know any halal restaurants?)

Using “필라프” informally allows you to establish a more personal connection when discussing halal food or products. It is helpful when interacting with Korean friends or locals in less formal situations.

Regional Variations

Though “할랄” and “필라프” are the most common ways to say halal in Korean, there can be some regional variations within South Korea due to different dialects or local preferences. Here are a few examples:

In the Jeju Island dialect, you might hear the word “할랄” pronounced as “할렐” (hal-lel). Similarly, in the Gyeongsang Province dialect, it can be pronounced as “할른” (hal-leun). However, these variations are not widely used, especially when communicating with the majority of Koreans who speak Standard Korean.

Tips for Effective Communication

While knowing how to say “halal” in Korean is crucial, here are a few additional tips to effectively communicate your dietary needs:

  1. Use simple and clear sentences: Koreans appreciate simplicity and clarity, so keep your sentences concise and to the point.
  2. Learn basic Korean phrases: Apart from learning how to say “halal,” knowing some basic Korean phrases like greetings, thank you, and please can enhance your overall communication experience. Locals will appreciate your efforts.
  3. Carry a language translation app: If you have difficulty pronouncing Korean words or want to communicate complex phrases, consider using a language translation app on your smartphone. It can be a handy tool when faced with language barriers.
  4. Ask for recommendations: Don’t hesitate to ask locals or restaurant staff for recommendations on halal food or Muslim-friendly establishments. They often have valuable insights and can guide you to suitable options.

“Being polite and respectful in your interactions will always go a long way in Korea. Koreans are generally warm and welcoming, and they appreciate when visitors show interest in their culture and language.”

By following these tips, you’ll not only be able to say “halal” correctly but also enhance your overall experience while traveling or living in Korea.


Knowing how to say “halal” in Korean is essential for Muslims or individuals seeking halal food and products in Korea. Using the word “할랄” in formal situations and “필라프” in informal contexts will help you communicate your requirements effectively. Remember to keep your sentences clear, learn some basic Korean phrases, and be open to asking for recommendations to ensure a smooth experience. Enjoy exploring Korea’s halal offerings and connect with the welcoming locals!

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