How to Say “Great” in Korean: Formal and Informal Ways and Regional Variations

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “great” in Korean! In this article, we will cover various ways to express this popular English adjective in both formal and informal contexts. While Korean is primarily spoken in South Korea and North Korea, we will mainly focus on the South Korean dialect.

Formal Ways to Say “Great” in Korean

When communicating in formal situations or with people of higher status, it is important to use the proper language. Here are some formal expressions for saying “great” in Korean:

1. 훌륭하다 (Hullyonghada)

This is a versatile and widely used term meaning “great” or “excellent.” It carries a formal tone and can be used in various contexts, such as complimenting someone’s work, achievements, or a well-performed task.


당신의 연주는 정말로 훌륭합니다. (Dangshin-ui yeonju-neun jeongmallo hullyonghamnida.)

Your performance is truly great.

2. 멋지다 (Meotjida)

This expression is often used when praising someone’s appearance, style, or artistic skills. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the compliment.


그 옷이 너에게 정말 멋지게 어울려. (Geu os-i neoege jeongmal meotjige eoull-yeo.)

That outfit looks great on you.

Informal Ways to Say “Great” in Korean

Informal language is commonly used among friends, peers, or with younger individuals. When speaking casually, it’s important to know the appropriate informal expressions for “great” in Korean:

1. 좋다 (Johda)

This simple and widely used term carries the meaning of “good” or “great.” It is perfect for informal settings, such as conversations with friends or family members.


오늘 영화 정말 재미있게봤어. (Oneul yeonghwa jeongmal jaemiissgebwasseo.)

I really enjoyed the movie today.

2. 킹왕짱 (Kingwangjjang)

This expression is a fun slang term among younger individuals, meaning “the best” or “awesome.” It conveys a sense of enthusiasm and excitement when something is truly great.


이 노래 정말 킹왕짱이야! (I nora-e jeongmal kingwangjjangiya!)

This song is really awesome!

Regional Variations

Although Korean is spoken in both South Korea and North Korea, there are subtle regional variations. Here, we will primarily focus on standard South Korean expressions:

1. 대박 (Daebak)

This is a slang term often used in South Korea to mean “great” or “amazing.” It gained popularity through Korean dramas and variety shows and has become widely recognized.


오늘 경기에서 우리팀이 대박이었어! (Oneul gyeonggieseo uri-teom-i daebagieosseo!)

Our team was amazing in today’s game!

2. 짱 (Jjang)

Another slang term commonly used in South Korea is “짱” (jjang). It is similar to “킹왕짱” (kingwangjjang) mentioned earlier and signifies “awesome” or “the best” in various situations.


파티 엄청 재밌었어, 너 짱이야! (Pati eomcheong jaemit-eoss-eo, neo jjang-iya!)

The party was so much fun, you’re the best!

Remember, understanding regional variations can help you adapt your language use when interacting with Koreans from different areas.

We hope this guide has enlightened you on the various ways to say “great” in Korean! Whether you need to use a formal or informal expression, or even embrace regional variations, you now have the tools to impress with your Korean language skills. Enjoy communicating and spreading positivity with these versatile expressions!

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