How to Say Graduated in French: A Comprehensive Guide

Congratulations on your achievement! Graduating is a significant milestone, and now you may be wondering how to express this accomplishment in French. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the formal and informal ways to say “graduated” in French, along with tips, examples, and a touch of regional variations. Let’s dive in!

1. Formal Ways to Say “Graduated” in French

When it comes to formal contexts, such as academic or professional settings, it’s essential to use the appropriate language. Here are some formal expressions to use when discussing your graduation:

  1. Je suis diplômé(e) – This is the standard and widely used way to say “I graduated” in French. The adjective “diplômé(e)” agrees with the gender of the speaker. For example:

    Je suis diplômé en économie. (I graduated in economics.)

    Je suis diplômée en sciences politiques. (I graduated in political science.)

  2. J’ai obtenu mon diplôme – In formal contexts, you can also say “I obtained my diploma” using this expression. For example:

    J’ai obtenu mon diplôme de médecine. (I obtained my medical degree.)

    J’ai obtenu mon diplôme d’ingénieur. (I obtained my engineering degree.)

  3. On m’a décerné un diplôme – This expression is used when you want to emphasize that a diploma was awarded to you. For example:

    On m’a décerné un diplôme d’excellence. (I was awarded a diploma of excellence.)

    On m’a décerné un diplôme de maîtrise. (I was awarded a master’s degree.)

  4. Je suis sorti de l’école – In some cases, you can also use this expression, which translates to “I graduated from school.” For example:

    Je suis sorti de l’école de commerce. (I graduated from business school.)

    Je suis sorti de l’école d’art. (I graduated from art school.)

2. Informal Ways to Say “Graduated” in French

When talking with friends, family, or in casual conversations, you might prefer a more relaxed and informal way to say “I graduated”. Here are some expressions you can use:

  1. J’ai terminé mes études – This phrase means “I finished my studies” and can be used to convey the idea of graduating informally. For example:

    J’ai terminé mes études d’architecture. (I finished my architecture studies.)

    J’ai terminé mes études de droit. (I finished my law studies.)

  2. J’ai décroché mon diplôme – This expression is commonly used in informal contexts and translates to “I nailed/obtained my diploma.” For example:

    J’ai décroché mon diplôme en psychologie. (I nailed/obtained my psychology degree.)

    J’ai décroché mon diplôme d’informatique. (I nailed/obtained my computer science degree.)

  3. Je suis diplômé(e), ouais! – Adding “ouais” at the end of the formal expression makes it more informal and adds a touch of enthusiasm. For example:

    Je suis diplômée en langues, ouais! (I graduated in languages, yeah!)

    Je suis diplômé en histoire, ouais! (I graduated in history, yeah!)

3. Regional Variations

French is spoken in numerous countries, each with its own regional variations. While the formal and informal expressions mentioned earlier are commonly used throughout the French-speaking world, certain regions may have unique ways of referring to graduation.

For instance, in Quebec, Canada, people often use the phrase “J’ai reçu mon parchemin” (I received my diploma) instead of “Je suis diplômé(e)” when talking about graduation in a formal context.

Remember, these regional variations are not necessary for everyday conversations, but they can add a cultural touch if you find yourself in specific French-speaking regions.


Now armed with the knowledge of formal and informal expressions for “graduated” in French, you can confidently share your achievement with others. Whether you choose the formal “Je suis diplômé(e)” or the more casual “J’ai terminé mes études,” you can celebrate your accomplishment in style! Don’t forget to adapt your language based on the context and your audience.

Remember, the journey of learning a new language is a lifelong adventure, and your graduation is just the beginning. Félicitations!

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