How to Say “Graduated” – A Comprehensive Guide

Congratulations, you’ve completed your studies and want to express your accomplishment by saying “graduated”! Whether you’re seeking formal or informal ways to convey this achievement, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to say “graduated,” including regional variations if necessary. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Graduated”

If you’re looking for a formal way to communicate your graduation, consider using the following phrases:

1. I have graduated

This straightforward expression is simple yet effective in conveying your accomplishment.

2. I have successfully completed my studies

By emphasizing your successful completion of studies, you demonstrate your dedication and hard work.

Informal Ways to Say “Graduated”

If you’re in a more casual setting, or simply prefer a less formal approach, try these alternative ways to say “graduated”:

1. I’m done with school!

This fun and enthusiastic phrase showcases your excitement about completing your studies.

2. I’ve wrapped up my education

By using this expression, you highlight your successful conclusion of your educational journey.

Regional Variations

While English is spoken globally, regional variations can influence the way “graduated” is expressed. Let’s explore some examples:

1. British English: I’ve finished my studies

In British English, “finished” is commonly used instead of “graduated” to indicate the completion of studies.

2. Australian English: I’m now a graduate

Australians often use “a graduate” to signify their completion of studies.

Tips for Expressing Your Graduation

1. Consider your audience

Adapt your language depending on the formality of the setting and the people you’re communicating with.

2. Confidence is key

When announcing your graduation, express it with confidence and pride to further highlight your achievement.

3. Enhance with personal anecdotes

Share a memorable experience or a story related to your educational journey to make it more engaging and relatable.

Example Conversations

Let’s see these phrases in action through a couple of example conversations:

Formal Conversation:

Person A: Have you completed your studies?

Person B: Yes, I have graduated. I successfully completed my program last month.

Informal Conversation:

Person A: Are you still studying?

Person B: No way! I’m done with school! Just graduated last week.


Congratulations again on your graduation! By now, you’re equipped with both formal and informal ways to express your accomplishment. Remember to adapt your language based on the audience and situation, and feel free to share personal anecdotes to make the conversation more engaging. Whether you say “I have graduated” or “I’m done with school”, say it with confidence and pride. Good luck with your future endeavors!

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