Guide: How to Include “Graduated High School” on Your Resume

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to effectively showcase your high school graduation on your resume. Whether you want to highlight your academic achievements or simply provide the necessary information, we’ll explore various ways to do so in a formal and informal manner. While regional variations may exist in certain cases, we’ll primarily focus on general guidelines that apply universally.

Formal Ways to Include “Graduated High School” on Your Resume

1. Education Section

In a traditional resume format, it’s common to have a dedicated section for your education. You can include your high school graduation under this section by providing the following details:

  • School name: Mention the full name of your high school.
  • Location: Include the city and state where your high school is located.
  • Dates: Specify the years you attended high school, including the graduation year.
  • Diploma: If you received any honors or a specialized diploma, such as an IB diploma, AP Scholar, or language proficiency certification, mention them here.



ABC High School, New York, NY

Graduated in June 20XX

Received High School Diploma with Honors

Informal Ways to Include “Graduated High School” on Your Resume

1. Summary/Objective Statement

If you’re opting for a more concise resume without a dedicated education section, you can mention your high school graduation in your summary or objective statement. Keep it brief and impactful:


Dynamic and motivated high school graduate seeking entry-level position in a challenging professional environment to utilize strong problem-solving skills and passion for continuous learning.

Tips for Including “Graduated High School” on Your Resume

1. Use Action Verbs

When describing your high school graduation or any related achievements, use action verbs to make your resume more vibrant and engaging. Some examples include:

  • Graduated with
  • Achieved
  • Completed
  • Obtained
  • Earned


Achieved high school graduation with honors.

2. Highlight Relevant Coursework

If you want to emphasize specific subjects related to the job you’re applying for, consider mentioning relevant coursework or academic projects. This can be particularly useful for roles where foundational knowledge in certain subjects is valuable.


Completed advanced mathematics coursework, including calculus and statistics.

3. Showcase Extracurricular Activities

If you were involved in extracurricular activities or held leadership positions during high school, don’t hesitate to highlight them. These experiences can demonstrate valuable skills and qualities such as teamwork, time management, and dedication.


Served as president of the student council, organizing various community service events and fostering positive change within the school.

4. Customize for Each Job Application

While it’s important to have a standardized resume, tailoring it to each specific job application increases your chances of success. Modify the information you include about your high school graduation to align with the requirements and skills sought by the employer.


Relevant Courses: Completed coursework in computer science and programming languages.


Effectively incorporating high school graduation on your resume is crucial for highlighting your academic achievements and showcasing your dedication. Choose between formal or informal approaches based on the structure of your resume, and follow our tips to enhance the overall impact.

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