Guide: How to Say Goodbye in Slovak – Formal and Informal Ways

In Slovak culture, saying goodbye is an important part of social interactions. Whether you’re bidding farewell to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, knowing the right way to say goodbye can leave a lasting positive impression. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to say goodbye in Slovak, covering both formal and informal ways. We will also include some regional variations to help you navigate different dialects. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say Goodbye in Slovak

Slovak is a language known for its formal and polite nature, especially in professional or business settings. When saying goodbye formally, you can use phrases such as:

  • Dovidenia – This is the most common way to say goodbye formally in Slovak. It translates to “goodbye” or “see you later” in English.
  • Zbohom – This phrase is slightly more formal and is generally used in formal or official settings.

Informal Ways to Say Goodbye in Slovak

Informal goodbyes are commonly used among friends, family, or in casual social gatherings. Here are some popular ways to say goodbye informally in Slovak:

  • Ahoj – This word is used for both greeting and parting. It’s an all-purpose informal way to say both “hello” and “goodbye”.
  • Čau – Similar to “Ahoj”, “Čau” is another versatile informal greeting used among friends or acquaintances to say both “hello” and “goodbye”.
  • Na zdravie – Literally meaning “for health,” this phrase is commonly used when toasting and bidding farewell while raising a glass.

Phrases for Different Situations

Depending on the situation, it’s helpful to know specific phrases for saying goodbye. Here are a few examples:

Saying Goodbye to Friends:

  • “Dovidenia kamarát!” – Goodbye, friend! (formal)
  • “Ahoj, páčilo sa mi, ako sme strávili čas.” – Bye, I enjoyed spending time together. (informal)

Saying Goodbye to Co-workers:

  • “Čau, dajte vedieť, keď budete mať čas na obed.” – Bye, let me know if you have time for lunch. (informal)
  • “Dovidenia, bola mi radosť spolupracovať s vami.” – Goodbye, it was a pleasure working with you. (formal)

It’s essential to tailor your goodbye to the specific situation and relationship, so don’t hesitate to add a personal touch or express gratitude when appropriate.

Regional Variations

Slovak dialects may vary across regions, and some variations exist in how people say goodbye. Here are a few examples:

Eastern Slovak:

  • “Načovať” – Equivalent to “goodbye” in standard Slovak.
  • “Zbohom a zdar Bohom!” – A more elaborate way of saying goodbye, which wishes the other person good luck and blessings.

Western Slovak:

  • “Adjes” – A casual and distinctive way of saying goodbye.
  • “Dovidenky” – A slightly playful variation of “Dovidenia”.

Central Slovak:

  • “Čauko” – A colloquial form of “Čau”.
  • “Nazdar” – A friendly and informal way to say goodbye.


Now that you’re equipped with a variety of phrases and expressions to say goodbye in Slovak, you can confidently bid farewell in both formal and informal situations. Remember to consider the context, relationship, and regional variations to choose the most appropriate phrase. Saying goodbye in Slovak not only allows you to connect with locals but also shows respect for their culture and language. So next time you’re in Slovakia or interacting with Slovak speakers, don’t forget to use these phrases and make your goodbyes memorable!

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