How to Say Good Luck in Polish: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to expressing good luck in Polish, there are various ways to convey your wishes for success. In this guide, we’ll explore both formal and informal phrases commonly used in Poland. Whether you’re looking to wish someone well in a professional setting or have a casual conversation with a friend, we’ve got you covered!

Formal Ways to Say Good Luck in Polish

If you’re in a formal situation, such as a business meeting or an academic setting, it’s important to use appropriate language to express good luck. Here are a few phrases you can use:

1. Powodzenia

This is the most generic and widely used phrase for expressing good luck in Polish. It can be used in various formal contexts.

2. Życzę powodzenia

Translated as “I wish you good luck,” this phrase is a polite and formal way to convey your well wishes to someone.

3. Trzymam kciuki

When you want to express your support and wish someone luck, you can use this phrase, which literally means “I’m holding my thumbs for you.” It is a more casual option but can still be used in formal situations.

Informal Ways to Say Good Luck in Polish

For more casual situations, where you want to convey good luck to friends or family, you can utilize the following phrases:

1. Powodzenia!

Similar to the formal version, this phrase is commonly used among friends and family to wish each other good luck. It can be used in various contexts.

2. Trzymaj kciuki!

A more colloquial way of expressing good luck is by saying “Keep your thumbs held!” This is a common and cheerful phrase used among friends.

3. Wszystkiego najlepszego!

Though it translates to “All the best”, this phrase is often used to wish someone luck on their special day, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Regional Variations

Poland is known for its regional dialects and subtle language variations. However, when it comes to expressing good luck, there aren’t any significant regional differences. The phrases mentioned above can be used throughout the country without any confusion or misunderstanding.

Tips and Examples

To help you confidently use these phrases, here are some additional tips and examples:

1. Tip: Non-Verbal Gestures

In addition to using the above phrases, it’s common in Poland to accompany them with non-verbal gestures. One such gesture is holding your thumbs, as mentioned earlier. Another is crossing your fingers as a sign of good luck.

2. Example Conversations:

Person A: Jutro mam egzamin. Życz mi powodzenia! (I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me good luck!)

Person B: Oczywiście! Trzymam kciuki! (Of course! I’m holding my thumbs for you!)

3. Using Good Luck in Different Contexts:

While the primary focus of this guide is to provide you with phrases to say good luck, it’s worth noting that you can use these phrases in various contexts beyond the examples provided. Whether it’s a sporting event, an interview, or any other situation where good luck is appropriate, these phrases will serve you well.


In conclusion, expressing good luck in Polish is relatively straightforward, regardless of whether you’re in a formal or informal setting. The phrases provided in this guide, such as “Powodzenia” and “Trzymaj kciuki”, will help you convey your positive wishes effectively. Remember to use appropriate language based on the level of formality, and feel free to accompany these phrases with non-verbal gestures to enhance your well wishes. Good luck!

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