How to Say Esports: Formal and Informal Ways, Tips, and Examples

When it comes to saying the word “esports,” there are different ways to pronounce it depending on various factors such as formality, regional variations, and personal preference. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to say “esports,” providing you with tips, examples, and potential regional variations if necessary.

1. Formal Ways to Say Esports

Formal situations often require a more precise and enunciated pronunciation. Here are some formal ways to say “esports”:

  • E-sports: Pronounce each letter individually, emphasizing the “E” and “S” sounds.
  • Electronic sports: Pronounce it as “ee-lek-tron-ik sports,” focusing on clear articulation.
  • Cybersports: Pronounce it as “sai-ber sports,” emphasizing the “S” sound in “cyber.”

Remember, in formal settings, it is crucial to speak clearly and avoid the use of colloquialisms.

2. Informal Ways to Say Esports

Informal situations allow for more flexibility and a relaxed tone. Here are some informal ways to say “esports”:

  • E-sports: Pronounce it like “ee-sports”, emphasizing the “E” sound without enunciating each individual letter.
  • E-gaming: Pronounce it as “ee-gaming,” focusing on a swift and casual delivery.
  • Video game competitions: Opt for a more descriptive phrase that implies the same meaning without using the term “esports.”

Informal settings often encourage personal expression, so feel free to use the pronunciation that comes most naturally to you.

3. Tips for Saying Esports

Whether you’re in a formal or informal setting, these tips can help you effectively say “esports”:

  • Confidence is key: Speak with clarity and confidence, regardless of the pronunciation you choose.
  • Listen to others: Pay attention to how others pronounce “esports” and adapt to the situation accordingly.
  • Practice: Spend some time practicing the pronunciation of “esports” to feel more comfortable saying it in different contexts.
  • Consider your audience: Adjust your pronunciation based on the people you are speaking with and the setting you are in.
  • Be consistent: Once you adopt a specific pronunciation, try to remain consistent to avoid confusion.

4. Examples of Saying Esports

Here are some examples that illustrate how to say “esports” using the formal and informal pronunciations:

Formal: “The popularity of E-sports has grown exponentially in recent years.”

Informal: “I can’t wait to watch the grand finals of E-sports this weekend!”

Formal: “Cybersports are evolving into a mainstream form of entertainment.”

Informal: “I’m so excited for the big cybersports tournament happening next month!”

Formal: “Electronic sports require dedication, skill, and teamwork.”

Informal: “E-gaming is a great way to bond with friends and have fun.”


When it comes to saying “esports,” there is no right or wrong way to pronounce it. Choose a pronunciation that feels natural to you, taking into account the formality of the situation. Whether you opt for a formal or informal pronunciation, speaking with confidence and clarity will always convey your message effectively. Keep these tips in mind, adapt to your audience, and embrace the world of esports with enthusiasm!

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