How to Say Dirty Martini in Spanish

When it comes to ordering a delicious cocktail in a foreign language, it’s always helpful to know the proper term to ensure you get exactly what you want. So, if you’re wondering how to say “Dirty Martini” in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place!

Formal Ways to Say Dirty Martini in Spanish

Formality often plays an important role in differentiating the way words are used and pronounced, so let’s start with the formal ways:

1. Martini Sucio

Martini Sucio is the most commonly used formal term for a Dirty Martini in Spanish. It directly translates to “Dirty Martini” and is widely understood across Spanish-speaking regions.

“Una Martini Sucio, por favor.”
(“One Dirty Martini, please.”)

2. Martini con Aceituna Sucia

Another formal way to order a Dirty Martini is by using the term Martini con Aceituna Sucia. This translates to “Martini with Dirty Olives,” indicating that the cocktail includes olive brine.

“Me gustaría un Martini con Aceituna Sucia.”
(“I would like a Martini with Dirty Olives.”)

Informal Ways to Say Dirty Martini in Spanish

Now, let’s explore the more informal and colloquial ways to order a Dirty Martini:

1. Martini Sucio (Informal)

Just as in the formal context, the term Martini Sucio is commonly used informally as well. It remains the go-to way of requesting a Dirty Martini in a casual setting.

“Dame un Martini Sucio, por favor.”
(“Give me a Dirty Martini, please.”)

2. Martini con Aceituna Sucia (Informal)

Similarly, Martini con Aceituna Sucia can be used informally to ask for a Dirty Martini. This more detailed description of the drink can be used among friends or in a relaxed environment.

“Quiero un Martini con Aceituna Sucia.”
(“I want a Martini with Dirty Olives.”)

Tips and Examples for Ordering a Dirty Martini

Now that you know the formal and informal ways to say Dirty Martini in Spanish, here are some additional tips and examples to help you with your ordering experience:

1. Know How to Pronounce

While knowing the words is important, being able to pronounce them correctly is equally essential. Here’s how to pronounce the terms we covered:

  • Martini Sucio: Mar-tee-nee soo-see-oh
  • Martini con Aceituna Sucia: Mar-tee-nee kohn ah-say-too-nah soo-see-ah

2. Be Polite

When ordering in any language, politeness goes a long way. Make sure you use polite phrases such as “por favor” (please) to make a good impression:

“¿Podría darme un Martini Sucio, por favor?”
(“Could you give me a Dirty Martini, please?”)

3. Specify Your Preferences

If you have specific preferences for your Dirty Martini, don’t hesitate to communicate them. For example, you can ask for more or less olive brine:

“Me gustaría un Martini Sucio, pero con menos aceituna sucia, por favor.”
(“I would like a Dirty Martini, but with less olive brine, please.”)

4. Understand Regional Variations

Spanish is spoken in various countries, and regional variations may exist. However, the terms mentioned earlier are widely understood across most Spanish-speaking regions. Nonetheless, if you want to gain insight into regional preferences, it’s always best to ask the locals.


Ordering a Dirty Martini in Spanish can be a rewarding experience. By learning the formal and informal ways to express your preference, as well as specific examples and tips, you can confidently order this delicious cocktail in any Spanish-speaking location. Remember to be polite, specify your preferences, and enjoy your refreshing Dirty Martini!

Written by Shelby Caitlin

Hola! I'm Shelby, your go-to guide for everything Spanish! Desde la cocina hasta la conversación, I love diving into the rich tapestry of Spanish language and culture. Whether it's getting the pronunciation just right for 'Calcium' or finding the perfect phrase for 'I am in love', I've got you covered! When I'm not crafting comprehensive Spanish guides, you'll find me baking delicious pastries or exploring new music. What can I say? Me encanta aprender y compartir mis conocimientos contigo!

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