Guide: How to Say Cherubim

Cherubim, an English plural from the Hebrew word “keruvim,” are celestial beings often portrayed as winged angels in religious texts, art, and literature. Knowing how to pronounce “cherubim” correctly can be useful in various situations, such as discussions about theology, mythology, or when reading religious texts aloud. This guide will provide both formal and informal ways to say “cherubim” and offer tips, examples, and insights. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Pronunciation of Cherubim

For a formal setting or when discussing religious topics, it is important to pronounce “cherubim” accurately. The formal pronunciation follows the standard English guidelines and emphasizes the syllables as “cher-uh-bim.”

Tips for Formal Pronunciation

  • Emphasize the “ch” sound at the beginning, similar to “chair” or “chin.”
  • Pronounce the “e” in “cher” as in the word “err” or “her.”
  • The second syllable “uh” should be pronounced as a short “uh” sound.
  • Place equal emphasis on each syllable, slightly elongating the “bim” at the end.

Formal Pronunciation Example

When discussing religious iconography, you may say, “The cherubim depicted in Michelangelo’s paintings are awe-inspiring.”

Informal Pronunciation of Cherubim

In casual conversations or everyday situations, the pronunciation of “cherubim” tends to be more relaxed and simplified. Let’s explore the informal way of saying “cherubim.”

Tips for Informal Pronunciation

  • The “ch” sound at the beginning can be pronounced as a “sh” sound, similar to “shy” or “sheep.”
  • The first syllable “che” should follow the pronunciation of “cheese” or “cheer.”
  • The second syllable “ru” should be pronounced as “roo,” similar to the sound made by a kangaroo.
  • The final “bim” can be pronounced with less emphasis, sounding like “buhm” or “bim” as in “bib.”

Informal Pronunciation Example

When discussing a fantasy novel, you might say, “The character with golden wings called herself a sheroobim.”

Additional Tips for Pronouncing Cherubim

To ensure a confident and precise pronunciation of “cherubim,” keep these additional tips in mind:

1. Practice Speaking Out Loud

Familiarize yourself with the pronunciation by saying “cherubim” out loud several times. Repeat it slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the word.

2. Listen to Audio Samples

Listen to audio clips or recordings of native English speakers pronouncing “cherubim” to grasp the nuances of its pronunciation. Language learning websites and dictionaries often provide audio samples.

3. Record and Listen to Yourself

Record yourself saying “cherubim” and listen to the playback. Compare it with the audio samples you collected or ask a native speaker for feedback. This will help you identify any areas for improvement.

4. Break Down the Word

Analyze the word “cherubim” syllable by syllable to understand its structure. This will make it easier to pronounce correctly. Pay attention to the stressed syllables and the vowel sounds in each part of the word.

Example: Cher-uh-bim

5. Seek Assistance from Native Speakers

If you come across native speakers or experts in theology or mythology, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance in pronouncing “cherubim” correctly. Most people will be happy to help you improve your pronunciation.


Now that you have learned both the formal and informal ways to pronounce “cherubim,” you can confidently discuss religious iconography and mythology, read religious texts, or engage in conversations about celestial beings. Remember to practice, listen to audio samples, and seek guidance whenever possible. Enjoy using your newfound knowledge of pronouncing “cherubim” accurately!

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