Guide: How to Say Cheers in Cypriot

Are you planning a trip to Cyprus or simply interested in the Cypriot language and culture? Learning how to say “cheers” in Cypriot is a great way to immerse yourself in the local customs and connect with the friendly locals. In this guide, we will explore formal and informal ways to say “cheers” in Cypriot, as well as some regional variations if applicable. Whether you’re raising a glass at a Cypriot taverna or bonding with new friends, these phrases will come in handy. Let’s get started!

Formal Ways to Say Cheers in Cypriot

If you find yourself in a formal setting or want to show respect, here are a few phrases you can use to say “cheers” in Cypriot:

1. Γεια σας (Ya sas)

The most commonly used way to say “cheers” in Cypriot, especially in formal situations, is “Γεια σας” (Ya sas). It is equivalent to the standard Greek greeting, and it literally means “to your health.” This phrase can be used to raise a toast with a group of people or in a more polite setting.

2. Στην υγειά σας (Stin ygeia sas)

Another formal way to say “cheers” in Cypriot is “Στην υγειά σας” (Stin ygeia sas), which translates to “to your health.” This phrase is commonly used when addressing a group or raising a toast on special occasions.

Informal Ways to Say Cheers in Cypriot

If you are in a more casual setting or among friends, you can use these informal expressions to say “cheers” in Cypriot:

1. Γεια μας (Ya mas)

When among friends or in an informal setting, you can simply say “Γεια μας” (Ya mas) to toast. This phrase means “to our health” and is commonly used when sharing a drink among buddies or in a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Εις υγείας (Is igias)

“Εις υγείας” (Is igias) is another informal expression used to say “cheers” in Cypriot. It translates to “to health” and can be used when toasting among friends or even in casual social gatherings.

Regional Variations

The Cypriot dialect may have some regional variations when it comes to saying “cheers.” While the phrases mentioned above are widely understood throughout Cyprus, you might encounter a few local variations depending on where you are. Here’s an example:

1. Μες την μούρτζου (Mes tin mourtzou) – Cypriot Dialect in Limassol

Limassol, one of the major cities in Cyprus, has its own unique dialect. In Limassolian dialect, instead of saying “cheers,” people use the phrase “Μες την μούρτζου” (Mes tin mourtzou). It is important to note that this variation is specific to the Limassol region and may not be widely recognized in other parts of Cyprus.

Tips and Phrases for Saying Cheers in Cypriot

Here are some additional tips and phrases to help you navigate the art of toasting in Cypriot:

1. Understand the Importance of Toasting

In Cypriot culture, toasting is not just about the act of raising a glass, but also a way to show respect, gratitude, and build social connections. It is a customary practice to maintain eye contact while toasting, which demonstrates sincerity and appreciation.

2. Use Non-Verbal Gestures

Alongside saying “cheers” in Cypriot, you can enhance your toasting experience with some non-verbal gestures. It’s common to clink glasses with your companions while making eye contact. Be careful not to cross arms when clinking glasses, as this is considered bad luck.

3. Remember to Pace Yourself

Cypriots are known for their love of socializing and sharing a drink, but it’s important to remember to pace yourself. Sip your drink slowly and enjoy the moment. Each toast is an opportunity to connect with others and savor the local culture.

4. Expand Your Vocabulary

While saying “cheers” is a great starting point, expanding your Cypriot vocabulary can make your experience even richer. Learn other common phrases like “thank you” (“ευχαριστώ” – efharisto) or “good health” (“καλή υγεία” – kali igia) to further impress the locals and immerse yourself in the Cypriot culture.

“Toasting in Cypriot is not just a tradition; it’s an expression of warm hospitality and genuine connection. So, next time you find yourself in Cyprus, raise your glass confidently and say ‘Γεια σας.’ Cheers to new experiences and friendships!”


Learning how to say “cheers” in Cypriot opens a door to the rich cultural experience that Cyprus has to offer. We have explored both formal and informal ways to toast in Cypriot, as well as a regional variation specific to Limassol. Remember the essential tips, gestures, and expand your vocabulary to truly connect with the locals and create lasting memories. So, whether you’re enjoying a refreshing glass of Zivania or sipping on a traditional Commandaria, don’t forget to raise your glass and say “Γεια σας!” Cheers to an incredible journey filled with Cypriot warmth and hospitality.

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