Guide: How to Say “Bedroom” in Korean

Do you want to learn how to say “bedroom” in Korean? Knowing the vocabulary for different areas in a house can be immensely helpful when trying to engage in everyday conversations or while traveling to Korea. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Korean term for “bedroom” in both formal and informal contexts. We will also cover any regional variations, provide useful tips, and include various examples to facilitate your learning journey. Let’s get started!

Formal Term for “Bedroom” in Korean

When using a formal term for “bedroom” in Korean, the most appropriate word to use is “방” (“bang”). This term is widely used throughout South Korea and is understood by all Korean speakers. Whether you are visiting someone’s house or discussing living arrangements, using this word will exhibit your polite manner and respect.


  • 저는 자주 돌아 다니기 때문에 방을 잘 사용하지 않아요. (jeo-neun ja-ju dol-a-da-ni-gi ttae-mun-e ba-ng-eul jal sa-yong-ha-ji a-na-yo.)
    (I don’t use the bedroom much as I travel frequently.)
  • 아버지는 집에서 자신만의 작업실이 있는 방을 가지고 계세요. (a-beo-ji-neun jip-e-seo ja-shin-man-e ja-geop-sil-i i-neun ba-ng-eul ga-ji-go gye-sa-yo.)
    (My father has a personal study room in the house.)

Informal Term for “Bedroom” in Korean

If you are in a casual setting or among close friends or family members, you can use the term “방” (“bang”) informally as well. The same word that is used formally can also be used in an informal context without any issues. Feel free to use this term when having relaxed conversations or when speaking to people you are familiar with.


  • 오늘 친구가 방으로 놀러 올 거야? (o-neul chin-gu-ga ba-ng-eu-ro nol-leo ol geo-ya?)
    (Is your friend coming to hang out in your bedroom today?)
  • 요즘은 방에서 게임을 하는 것이 취미가 됐어요. (yo-jeu-meun ba-ng-e-seo ge-im-eul ha-neun geot-i chwi-mi-ga dwaess-eo-yo.)
    (Playing games in the bedroom has become my hobby recently.)

Tips for Remembering Vocabulary:

Learning new vocabulary can sometimes be challenging, but with these tips, you’ll be able to memorize the Korean term for “bedroom” easily:

  1. Use visual aids: Create flashcards or use online resources that provide visual representations of the word “방” (“bang”). Associating an image with the vocabulary will enhance your retention.
  2. Practice speaking: Try incorporating the term “방” (“bang”) into sentences when referring to bedrooms. The more you use it in conversations, the more it will stick with you.
  3. Immerse in Korean media: Watching Korean dramas or movies can expose you to natural language and increase your familiarity with various vocabulary, including the word for “bedroom.”
  4. Find a language partner: Engaging in conversations with native Korean speakers or language partners is an effective way to practice using new vocabulary.

Remember, learning a new language requires patience and consistent effort. Embrace any challenges you encounter and celebrate your progress along the way. You’re doing great!


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to say “bedroom” in Korean. Using the term “방” (“bang”) in both formal and informal contexts will help you express yourself clearly when discussing living spaces or engaging in everyday conversations. Remember to practice and reinforce your knowledge by using the tips provided. Soon, you’ll find yourself having fluent conversations in Korean and expanding your vocabulary even further. Best of luck on your language learning journey!

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