Guide on How to Say You Look Forward to Starting a Job

Starting a new job is an exciting time filled with nerves and anticipation. One important aspect of making a good impression is expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity ahead. Whether it’s in a formal or informal setting, conveying your genuine excitement can set the tone for a positive beginning. In this guide, we will explore various ways to express your anticipation for starting a job, including formal and informal ways, while providing tips, examples, and a warm tone to help you navigate this crucial communication.

Formal Ways to Express Your Excitement

When communicating in a formal setting, it’s essential to maintain a professional tone and use appropriate language. Here are some phrases and tips to express your enthusiasm:

1. Starting Email or Letter

When sending an email or writing a letter to express your excitement before joining the new job, you might consider using one of the following:

“Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my sincere enthusiasm for the opportunity to join [Company Name]. I was delighted to accept the offer and am eagerly looking forward to starting on [start date].”


“Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I wanted to reach out and let you know how excited I am to become a part of the [Company Name] team. I am thrilled about the chance to contribute to the company’s success and cannot wait to start on [start date].”

Remember to adjust the phrases to suit your own writing style and the specific company you’re joining.

2. During an Interview or Phone Call

Demonstrating your enthusiasm during an interview or phone call is crucial to leave a lasting impression. Consider using the following phrases:

“I want to express my genuine excitement for the opportunity to work with [Company Name]. I have been following the company’s growth and achievements, and I admire the values and innovation it stands for. I truly look forward to being a part of the team.”


“Throughout the interview process, my enthusiasm for joining [Company Name] has only grown. I truly believe in the company’s mission, and I’m eager to contribute my skills and expertise to its success.”

By tailoring these phrases to your specific situation, you can effectively communicate your eagerness.

Informal Ways to Express Your Excitement

In certain situations or when communicating with colleagues in a new job, a more relaxed and informal approach may be appropriate. Here are some tips and examples:

1. Informal Email or Message to Colleagues

When sharing your excitement with future colleagues, you can use friendlier language while maintaining professionalism:

“Hey team,

I wanted to drop a quick message to let you all know how excited I am to be joining [Company Name]. From everything I’ve seen and heard, this is a dynamic team of talented individuals, and I cannot wait to be a part of it. Looking forward to working with each and every one of you!”

Remember to adapt the tone and level of familiarity to match the company culture.

2. During an Informal Conversation

When having casual conversations with colleagues or superiors, you can express your excitement with phrases like:

“I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to be part of the team! Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and I’m eager to start contributing to our collective success. It truly feels like a great fit for me, and I can’t wait to get started.”


“I couldn’t be happier about joining [Company Name]. From what I’ve seen and experienced so far, this is a fantastic group of people who are passionate about what they do. I’m genuinely excited to be a part of such an inspiring team.”

Feel free to personalize these phrases to match your own style and comfort level in the conversation.

Tips for Expressing Excitement Effectively

Here are a few additional tips to ensure your expression of excitement is effective:

1. Be Genuine:

Authenticity is key in expressing excitement. Make sure your words genuinely reflect your enthusiasm.

2. Highlight Company Values:

Mention specific aspects of the company that align with your own values and aspirations. This shows you have done your research and are genuinely interested.

3. Be Respectful and Professional:

Even in informal settings, remain professional and respectful when expressing your excitement. Consider the company culture and adjust your language accordingly.

4. Expand Upon Skills and Expertise:

While expressing your excitement, mention how your skills and expertise will contribute to the company’s success. Employers want to see that you understand the value you bring to the table.

5. Tone and Body Language:

When expressing your excitement in person, pay attention to your tone and body language. Use a friendly and upbeat tone while maintaining appropriate levels of professionalism.


Starting a new job is an exciting opportunity, and expressing your enthusiasm is crucial to making a positive impression. Whether in formal or informal settings, adapt your language and tone accordingly while remaining genuine and professional. By following the tips and using the examples provided in this guide, you can confidently convey your excitement as you embark on this new journey in your career.

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