How to Say “TV Watch” in American Sign Language (ASL)

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) can open up a whole new world of communication for you. Whether you are having a conversation, expressing an idea, or simply discussing everyday activities, it is essential to know how to convey words and phrases in ASL. In this guide, we will explore how to say “TV watch” in ASL, focusing on both formal and informal ways of signing. We will also touch on regional variations if necessary. Get ready to dive into the rich and expressive world of ASL!

Formal and Informal Ways to Say “TV Watch”

When discussing the act of watching TV in ASL, you have the option to sign the phrase using either formal or informal signs. The choice depends on the context and the level of formality required. Let’s explore both approaches:


Here is the formal way to sign “TV watch” in ASL:

Sign: Start with your dominant hand forming an “L” shape with the index finger and thumb extended. Hold your nondominant hand flat, palm down, and place your dominant hand on top of it. Gently move your dominant hand forward, mimicking the action of a TV screen.

Tip: Emphasize the movement of your dominant hand to clearly convey the idea of watching TV.

Example: While conversing about your favorite pastime, you can sign “I enjoy TV watch” using the formal sign mentioned above.


Now let’s explore a more informal way to sign “TV watch” in ASL:

Sign: Place both hands in front of your body, palms facing each other, with the hands’ pinky fingers touching. Move both hands forward simultaneously while keeping them in contact. This sign represents the idea of watching a screen, like a TV.

Tip: You can increase the speed of the movement to add a sense of excitement or enthusiasm when conveying your enjoyment of watching TV.

Example: If you are casually chatting with your friends about a TV show, you can sign “I love TV watch” using the informal sign described above.

Examples of “TV Watch” in ASL

To enhance your understanding of how to sign “TV watch” in ASL, here are a few useful examples:

Example 1:

Situation: Discussing favorite TV shows with a friend.

Friend: “What’s your favorite TV show?”

You: “Oh, I love TV watch! My favorite show is ‘Game of Thrones’.”

Example 2:

Situation: Conversing about weekend plans with a colleague.

Colleague: “Any plans for the weekend?”

You: “Not much, just going to relax at home and do some TV watch.”

Regional Variations

ASL is a dynamic language, and certain signs might vary across specific regions. However, when it comes to signing “TV watch,” the signs described above are commonly understood and used throughout most ASL communities. It is important to note that while small variations exist, they do not significantly impact the overall comprehension of the sign.

Tips for Mastering ASL

Here are a few essential tips to help you master signing in ASL:

  • Practice regularly: Consistent practice is key to improving your signing skills. Dedicate time each day to reinforce what you’ve learned and to learn new signs.
  • Immerse yourself: Surround yourself with the ASL community, either in person or online, to increase exposure to the language and gain valuable experience.
  • Attend ASL classes: Joining ASL classes or workshops conducted by experienced signers can provide structured guidance and feedback from professionals.
  • Utilize online resources: Take advantage of websites, videos, apps, and forums that offer ASL learning resources. They can provide additional support and reinforce your learning.
  • Practice facial expressions and body language: Remember that ASL is not just about hand movements. Facial expressions and body language play an integral role in conveying meaning and emotions.


Mastering ASL opens up a world of communication and connection with the Deaf community and sign language users. In this guide, we explored how to say “TV watch” in ASL, covering both formal and informal signs. We provided step-by-step instructions, useful examples, and essential tips to help you enhance your signing skills. Remember to practice regularly and immerse yourself in the ASL community to foster fluency and understanding. Embrace the richness of ASL, and enjoy the journey of learning this beautiful language!

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