Guide: How to Say “Truly” – Formal and Informal Ways

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “truly” in various contexts and situations. Whether you’re looking to express sincerity, confirm something, or emphasize honesty, we’ve got you covered with both formal and informal options. Let’s dive in!

1. Formal Ways to Say “Truly”

1.1 To Express Sincerity:

In formal settings, you can choose from these options:

  • Without a doubt: This phrase conveys absolute certainty and is perfect for formal situations where you want to emphasize your trustworthiness. For example, “Without a doubt, we stand by our commitment to excellence.”
  • Indeed: This term emphasizes agreement and truthfulness, adding weight to your statement. For instance, “Indeed, it is a matter of great importance to address this issue effectively.”
  • Genuinely: Use this word to convey authentic feelings or intentions. For instance, “We genuinely appreciate your efforts in advancing this cause.”

1.2 To Confirm or Assert:

In formal settings, here are some options:

  • Undoubtedly: Use this term to express unwavering certainty. For example, “Undoubtedly, this decision will have a significant impact on our organization.”
  • Certainly: Use it to confirm an agreement or express strong intention. For instance, “Certainly, we will take immediate action to address this matter.”
  • Truly speaking: This phrase adds emphasis to what comes after it, signaling the arrival of an important point. For example, “Truly speaking, we have made great strides in the last quarter.”

2. Informal Ways to Say “Truly”

2.1 Expressing Sincerity:

When it comes to informal contexts, these phrases work well:

  • No doubt: This relaxed phrase signifies confidence and can be used to show agreement or assurance. For instance, “No doubt, we’ll have an amazing time at the party.”
  • For real: Use this popular colloquial expression to stress the authenticity of what you’re saying. For example, “He’s a talented singer, for real!”
  • From the bottom of my heart: This heartfelt phrase demonstrates genuine emotions or appreciation. For instance, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.”

2.2 Confirming or Asserting:

When speaking casually, turn to these options:

  • Definitely: This versatile term is used to express strong agreement or certainty. For example, “Definitely, I’ll be there to help you move.”
  • You can bet: This idiomatic phrase signifies confidence and assurance. For instance, “You can bet that I’ll give it my best shot.”
  • Honestly: Use this word to add sincerity or truthfulness to your statement. For example, “Honestly, I can’t wait for the weekend to relax.”

3. Examples in Context

In order to better understand how to use these expressions, let’s look at some practical examples:

Formal: Without a doubt, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

Informal: No doubt, we’ll have a blast at the concert!

Formal: Truly speaking, our company has achieved remarkable growth this year.

Informal: For real, she’s an incredible dancer!

Formal: Certainly, we are taking the necessary steps to address this issue effectively.

Informal: Definitely, count me in for the movie night!


Now armed with a variety of formal and informal ways to say “truly,” you can confidently express sincerity, confirm statements, or emphasize honesty in any situation. Remember to adapt your choice of expression based on the level of formality required. So go ahead and use these phrases to add depth and authenticity to your conversations!

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