How to Say Thanks on Veterans Day

Showing appreciation and giving thanks to veterans on Veterans Day is a wonderful way to honor their sacrifices and service. Whether you want to express your gratitude formally or in a more informal manner, there are various ways to convey your appreciation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different ways to say thanks, provide tips on expressing your gratitude, and share examples to help you make your message heartfelt and memorable.

Formal Ways to Say Thanks

When expressing thanks formally, it’s essential to maintain a respectful tone. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Write a Letter or Email: Taking the time to craft a thoughtful letter or email can be a meaningful way to express your gratitude. Start by addressing the veteran respectfully, then acknowledge their service and sacrifices. Share how their dedication has made a difference and express your thanks genuinely. Conclude with warm wishes and your name.
  2. Send a Thank You Card: A physical card in the mail can be a touching gesture. Choose a card with a patriotic design and write a brief but heartfelt message inside. Use phrases like, “On this Veterans Day, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your selflessness and commitment to our country.”
  3. Offer a Handwritten Note: If you have the opportunity to give a handwritten note in person, it adds a personal touch. Mention specific qualities or actions of the veteran that you admire and express your thanks sincerely.
  4. Make a Phone Call: Hearing a voice expressing appreciation can be uplifting. If you have a veteran’s contact information, you can give them a call and verbally convey your gratitude. Remember to be respectful and considerate of their time.

Informal Ways to Say Thanks

Informal expressions of appreciation can be equally heartwarming. Here are some informal ways to say thanks:

  1. Offer a Simple Thank You: Sometimes, a genuine and straightforward thank you is all you need. Whether you encounter a veteran while running errands or within your social circles, take a moment to personally thank them for their service.
  2. Social Media Shout-Out: Share a heartfelt message on your social media accounts, dedicating a post to all the veterans in your life. Use hashtags such as #VeteransDay or #ThankYouVeterans and mention their sacrifices, bravery, and the impact they’ve had.
  3. Participate in Community Events: Join local parades, memorial services, or Veterans Day ceremonies in your area. Show your support by attending these events and personally thanking veterans you meet or participating in activities that honor their service.
  4. Volunteer or Donate: Take action to support veterans year-round by volunteering at a veterans’ organization or donating to causes that assist veterans. By contributing your time or resources, you demonstrate your gratitude in action.

Tips for Expressing Gratitude on Veterans Day

Regardless of whether you choose formal or informal methods, keep these tips in mind when expressing thanks:

  • Be Genuine: Express your heartfelt appreciation sincerely, focusing on the impact the veteran’s service has had on your life and the country.
  • Mention Specifics: Whenever possible, mention specific actions, qualities, or experiences that make you grateful for their service.
  • Keep It Personal: Tailor your message directly to the veteran you are thanking. Personalizing your expression of gratitude adds authenticity.
  • Be Respectful: Use appropriate language and show respect for the sacrifices they’ve made and the challenges they may have faced.
  • Share Personal Connections: If you have a family member or close friend who served, share that connection to emphasize the importance of their service to you.

“On this Veterans Day, we honor and express our heartfelt thanks to all the courageous men and women who have served in our armed forces.”

Remember that expressing gratitude is something you can do on Veterans Day and every day. Taking the time to say thanks to veterans acknowledges their sacrifices and shows that their service is valued and appreciated. Let us all make it a priority to express our gratitude to the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting our country.

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