How to Say Thanks but No Thanks to a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is often an exciting and flattering experience. However, sometimes you may find that the position or the company isn’t the right fit for you. In such cases, it’s important to politely decline the offer while expressing your gratitude. This guide will provide you with tips and examples on how to say thanks but no thanks to a job offer, covering both formal and informal situations.

Formal Ways to Decline a Job Offer

When you’re declining a job offer in a formal context, such as when you’ve been interviewing with a prestigious company or if you’re dealing with senior-level executives, it’s crucial to maintain a professional and respectful tone. Here are some tips and examples to guide you:

1. Express gratitude and appreciation

Begin your response by expressing gratitude for the time and effort the company invested in considering your application, as well as the opportunity they offered you:

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

Thank you so much for extending the job offer and for taking the time to consider my candidacy. I truly appreciate the opportunity you presented.

2. Clearly state your decision

Make it clear that you have decided to decline the offer in a respectful and straightforward manner. It’s important to be concise and avoid over-explaining your decision:

After careful consideration, I have decided that I am unable to accept the job offer at this time.

3. Provide a reason (optional)

In some cases, you may want to provide a brief and genuine reason for declining the offer. However, it’s not always necessary or recommended, especially if the reason could potentially reflect negatively on you or the company:

I have recently received another offer that aligns more closely with my long-term career goals and personal aspirations.

4. Offer appreciation and well wishes

End your response on a positive note by conveying your appreciation once again and expressing well wishes for the company:

I truly value the time I have spent getting to know your organization and the fantastic team you have assembled. I sincerely hope that you find the ideal candidate who will contribute significantly to your company’s success.

Informal Ways to Decline a Job Offer

If you’ve developed a more casual and friendly relationship with the interviewer or if the job offer is from a smaller organization, you can adopt a slightly less formal tone while still maintaining professionalism. Here are some tips and examples:

1. Start with a friendly greeting

Begin your response with a warm and friendly opening:

Hi [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well!

2. Express appreciation and gratitude

Demonstrate gratitude for the offer and convey your appreciation for their time:

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the job offer you extended my way. I truly appreciate the chance you gave me to join your team.

3. Clearly communicate your decision

Clearly state your decision to decline the offer while being respectful and considerate:

However, after careful consideration, I have decided not to accept the job offer.

4. Offer a brief reason (optional)

If you have a good rapport with the interviewer or feel comfortable sharing the reason, provide a concise explanation for your decision:

I have received another offer that is aligned with my career goals and provides an opportunity for personal growth.

5. Convey your enthusiasm for the company

Communicate your continued interest in the company and express your positive regard for their organization:

I must emphasize that my decision isn’t a reflection of your company but rather a result of the specific circumstances I find myself in. I genuinely believe in the exceptional work you do at [Company Name].

6. Wish them well

Close your email on a friendly note by offering well wishes for their continued success:

Thank you once again for your understanding, and I genuinely hope that your team finds the perfect fit for the role. I look forward to the possibility of crossing paths again in the future.


Declining a job offer is a delicate situation that requires finesse and gratitude. Whether you’re dealing with a formal or an informal setting, expressing appreciation for the opportunity and maintaining a respectful tone is key. Remember to keep your response concise, offer a brief explanation if necessary, and wish the company well in their future endeavors. By following the guidelines and examples provided in this guide, you’ll be able to decline a job offer gracefully while preserving positive relationships and leaving the door open for potential opportunities down the road.

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