How to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes in Nepali

Birthdays are special occasions that bring joy and happiness to our lives. When friends, family, and acquaintances send their warm wishes on your birthday, it’s important to acknowledge and express gratitude for their thoughtful messages. In Nepal, expressing gratitude holds great significance, and saying thank you for birthday wishes is no exception. This guide will help you navigate through the formal and informal ways of expressing your appreciation in Nepali.

Formal Expressions of Thanks

When expressing gratitude formally, especially towards older individuals or people you hold in high esteem, it’s important to use respectful language. Here are a few phrases you can use:

  • Dhanyabad – This is the most common way to say thank you in Nepal. It is a neutral expression and can be used in both formal and informal situations.
  • Dherai dhanyabad – This phrase translates to “thank you very much.” It adds an additional touch of gratitude to your response.
  • Tapainko subhakamana lai dhanyabad – This means “thank you for your blessings.” It’s a respectful way of acknowledging someone’s well wishes and blessings on your birthday.

Informal Expressions of Thanks

When communicating with friends, siblings, or peers, you can utilize more casual language to express your appreciation. Here are some informal ways to say thank you for birthday wishes:

  • Dhanyabad dai/bhai/didi/baini – This translates to “thank you brother/sister.” It adds a personal touch while expressing gratitude to someone you share a close bond with.
  • Dherai dherai dhanyabad, aru sabai sathi harulai pani – This means “thank you very much, and thanks to all my friends as well.” It allows you to extend your gratitude to not just the person you’re directly responding to, but also to everyone who wished you on your birthday.
  • Mero janma din ma yatayat nagardinchha, words matra le kaam chha – This translates to “no transportation on my birthday, only words are enough.” It’s a playful way of expressing appreciation for the heartfelt wishes and emphasizes the value of their words over material gifts.

Regional Variations

Nepali, being a diverse language, may have some regional variations in how people say thank you for birthday wishes. However, the expressions listed above are widely understood and can be used across Nepal. Regardless of the region, it’s the sentiment behind your words that truly matters.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to add a personalized touch to your thank you message, mentioning something specific about the recipient’s wish or your relationship to make it more meaningful.


Now, let’s explore some examples to put these phrases into context:

Example 1:

Response: Dhanyabad! Tapaiko subhakamana haru le mero janma din ramro banayo. Ma tapaiko sneha lai yo jibanbhar samjhera rakhchhu.

Translation: Thank you! Your blessings made my birthday wonderful. I will cherish your love throughout my life.

Example 2:

Response: Dherai dherai dhanyabad, aru sabai sathi harulai pani! Mero janma din special banaune ramro sandesh haru pathaye, ani tapailai pani patta lagaunla.

Translation: Thank you very much, and thanks to all my friends as well! The beautiful messages you sent made my birthday special, and I will also send you a token of appreciation.

In Summary

Saying thank you for birthday wishes in Nepali is all about expressing gratitude and acknowledging the care and love extended to you on your special day. Whether in formal or informal settings, using phrases like “Dhanyabad” or “Dherai dhanyabad” can convey your appreciation effectively. Additionally, personalizing your response can make it extra special. Remember, it’s not just the words you use but the warmth and sincerity behind them that truly matters. Celebrate the joy of birthdays and cherish the kind gestures that come your way!

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