Guide: How to Say “Take Out” in Starbucks

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “take out” in Starbucks! Whether you prefer a formal or informal approach, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also touch upon regional variations, if necessary, and provide various tips and examples to help you navigate your next Starbucks visit.

Formal Ways to Say “Take Out” in Starbucks

If you prefer a more formal tone while ordering your drink to go, you can use these phrases:

  1. “Can I have my order to go, please?” – This polite request clearly indicates your desire to take your order out of the Starbucks outlet.
  2. “May I get that for takeout?” – Using the word “takeout” indicates your intention to have your order prepared for you to enjoy outside the store premises.
  3. “I would like my beverage/drink to go, please.” – An elegant way to express that you want your order for takeout without being overly formal.

Informal Ways to Say “Take Out” in Starbucks

If you prefer a more casual and relaxed tone, here are some informal phrases you could use:

  1. “Can I grab that to go?” – This laid-back phrase is widely understood and commonly used, indicating your intention to take your order out.
  2. “Can I get that for takeaway, please?” – Using “takeaway” instead of “takeout” shows a more informal approach, popular in many English-speaking countries.
  3. “I want my coffee to go, please.” – A simple and friendly way to let the barista know you’d like your drink prepared for takeaway.

Tips for Ordering for Takeout at Starbucks

Now, let’s explore some valuable tips to make your “take out” experience at Starbucks even smoother:

1. Be Clear and Specific

When ordering, use clear language and emphasize that you want your order to go. This helps avoid any confusion and ensures your order is prepared accordingly.

2. Use Visual or Non-Verbal Cues

If you’re concerned about the barista not understanding your request or if there is a language barrier, consider pointing to the takeaway cups or using hand gestures to indicate your preference. Such non-verbal cues can help bridge communication gaps effectively.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Regional Differences

While Starbucks maintains a consistent approach worldwide, there may be regional variations in how people express taking out their orders. If you’re visiting a specific region or country, it may be worthwhile to learn the local lingo to enhance your ordering experience.


Example 1: Customer: “Can I have a medium caramel macchiato to go, please?”

Barista: “Of course! Your caramel macchiato will be prepared for takeout.”

Example 2: Customer: “May I get a venti iced coffee for takeaway?”

Barista: “Absolutely! Your venti iced coffee will be served in a takeaway cup.”

Example 3: Customer: “I want my latte to go, please.”

Barista: “Sure thing! I’ll make your latte for takeout.”

Remember, the most crucial aspect is to be clear and polite when expressing your desire to take your Starbucks order out. Adjust your language based on your preference and the atmosphere of your conversation.

Enjoy your Starbucks experience and savor your favorite beverages wherever you go!

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