How to say spider in French

Whether you’re planning a trip to a French-speaking country, expanding your language skills, or simply curious about how to say “spider” in French, this guide will help you master the word in different contexts. From formal to informal scenarios, we’ll cover various ways to express this creepy-crawly creature in French. Let’s dive in!

Formal ways to say spider in French

If you find yourself in formal situations or when you want to sound polite, here are some options:

  1. Araignée: This is the most common and formal term used to refer to a spider in French. It’s pronounced as “ah-rayn-yay.”
  2. Arane: This is another formal term that is less common than “araignée.” It’s pronounced as “ah-ran.”

Informal ways to say spider in French

In more casual situations, you might prefer to use informal terms to refer to a spider:

  1. Bestiole: This word is often used in casual conversations to refer to insects and small creatures, including spiders. It can translate to “critter” or “bug.” It’s pronounced as “bes-tee-ohl.”
  2. Araloche: This is a playful and informal term used regionally in some parts of France to talk about spiders. It’s pronounced as “ah-rah-losh.”

Tips and examples

Here are some tips and examples to help you understand the usage of these words:

Tip: When unsure about the formality level required, it’s generally safe to use “araignée” as it is widely accepted across regions and contexts.


1. Formal: “J’ai vu une araignée dans le jardin.” (I saw a spider in the garden.)
2. Informal: “Fais attention, il y a une grosse bestiole dans la chambre.” (Be careful, there’s a big bug in the room.)
3. Regional: “Je n’aime pas les araloches, elles me donnent des frissons.” (I don’t like spiders; they give me chills.)

Remember that the tone and context will influence the choice of words.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to say spider in French, you’ll be able to convey your ideas in different situations. Whether you opt for the formal “araignée” or the more casual “bestiole” or “araloche,” practice using the words in conversations to improve your French skills. Don’t shy away from exploring regional variations when appropriate! Bonne chance!

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