How to Say “Chair” in Spanish

Learning how to say common words in different languages can be both fun and helpful, especially when it comes to essential items like a chair. In this guide, we’ll explore how to say “chair” in Spanish, covering both the formal and informal ways. While regional variations exist, we’ll focus on the more widely accepted terms. So, let’s dive right in and begin our language journey!

The Formal Way to Say “Chair” in Spanish

When we talk about formal ways of saying “chair” in Spanish, we refer to situations where you’re speaking politely or in a more professional setting. The most common word for “chair” in formal Spanish is “silla.” This term is understood and used in almost all Spanish-speaking countries.

For example, if you are dining at a fancy restaurant and need to ask the waiter for a chair, you could say:

“Disculpe, ¿me puede traer una silla, por favor?”

Translated, this means: “Excuse me, can you bring me a chair, please?” Using “silla” demonstrates your fluency in formal Spanish and is the safest option in any formal situation.

The Informal Way to Say “Chair” in Spanish

Informal language is more commonly used in everyday conversations with friends, family, or casual acquaintances. In these contexts, different terms for “chair” may come into play. The most frequently used informal word for “chair” in Spanish is “sillón.”

For instance, when you’re inviting a friend to sit down, you can say:

“¡Siéntate en el sillón!”

This means: “Sit in the armchair!” Using “sillón” in informal settings helps you sound more natural and familiar with the Spanish language.

Tips for Pronunciation:

Spanish pronunciation involves some distinct sounds that might be different from your native language. Here are a few tips to help you master the pronunciation of “silla” and “sillón” correctly:

  • “Silla”: Start with the “see” sound as in the English word “sea.” Then combine it with the “yah” sound in “yeah.” Finally, add a soft “uh” sound at the end. Pronounce it as “see-yah-uh.”
  • “Sillón”: Begin with the “see” sound, just like for “silla.” Then pronounce the double “ll” as a soft “yuh” sound. Finally, add the “ohn” sound at the end. Pronounce it as “see-yuh-ohn.”

Regional Variations

While “silla” is widely accepted across Spanish-speaking countries, there are some regional variations worth noting:

  • “Butaca”: This term is commonly used in various countries, especially in Latin America, to refer to a comfortable armchair or lounge chair, often found in theaters or living rooms.
  • “Sitial”: In certain regions, this term may be used to describe a more grand and elaborate chair, often seen in formal occasions or symbolic positions.

Remember that these regional variations are not universal and may not be well-understood in all Spanish-speaking countries. Stick with “silla” or “sillón” for everyday usage, and you’ll be comfortably understood almost anywhere you go.


Congratulations on learning how to say “chair” in Spanish! You now know how to express this essential word in both formal and informal contexts. Remember to use “silla” for formal situations to maintain politeness and professionalism, and “sillón” for informal settings among friends and family. Practice the pronunciation, and you’ll soon feel confident incorporating these terms into your conversations.

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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