How to Say “Smash” in Korean: A Comprehensive Guide

Learning how to say “smash” in Korean is a valuable addition to your vocabulary, especially if you are a fan of video games, sports, or just want to express yourself in Korean. In this guide, we will explore the formal and informal ways to say “smash” in Korean, as well as provide tips, examples, and regional variations if necessary. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Smash” in Korean

1. 붕괴하다 (bung-goe-ha-da) – This is the formal way to say “smash” in Korean, which is commonly used in official or polite situations. For instance, if you want to describe a building collapsing or an object being shattered, this is the perfect term to use. It carries a strong meaning of destruction and breaking into many pieces.

Example: “그 건물은 대형 크레인과 푹 파인터에 의해 붕괴되었습니다.” (geu geonmul-eun daehyeong keurein-gwa puk painteoe uihae bung-goe-dwae-seubnida) – “That building was smashed by a large crane and a wrecking ball.”

2. 파괴하다 (pa-goe-ha-da) – Similar to “붕괴하다,” this formal term also means “to smash” but with a focus on destruction. You can use this term when talking about large-scale destruction, such as a war-torn area or a demolished structure.

Example: “전쟁이 그 도시를 완전히 파괴하였습니다.” (jeonjaeng-i geu dosi-reul wanjeonhi pa-goe-ha-eossseubnida) – “The war completely smashed that city.”

Informal or Casual Ways to Say “Smash” in Korean

1. 박살내다 (bak-sal-nae-da) – When it comes to informal conversations or among friends, “박살내다” is a commonly used term for “smash.” It carries a sense of breaking or crushing something forcefully, often used in a more lighthearted context.

Example: “얼음 덩어리를 그렇게 강하게 쳤어요! 다 박살났잖아요!” (eolum deong-eori-reul geuleohge ganghage chyeosseoyo! Da bak-sal-naetjanayo!) – “You smashed that block of ice so hard! It’s completely shattered!”

2. 뿌시다 (ppu-shi-da) – This informal term is commonly used among friends or in casual situations to mean “smash.” It conveys a sense of forcefully breaking or crushing something, similar to “박살내다.”

Example: “내가 쓰레기를 한 번에 빨리 뿌시는 걸 봐!” (naega sseuregi-reul han beon-e ppalli ppu-sineun geol bwa!) – “Watch me smash the trash all at once and quickly!”

Tips for Using “Smash” in Korean Conversation

1. Practice pronunciation: It is crucial to correctly pronounce the Korean words for “smash” to ensure clear communication. Pay attention to the double consonants and long vowels that may exist in the romanization.

2. Context matters: Understand the context in which “smash” is used. It is important to choose the appropriate formality level, whether formal or informal, based on the situation, relationship, and setting.

3. Pay attention to verb endings: In Korean, verb endings change based on the level of formality and politeness. Make sure to use the appropriate endings when conjugating verbs related to “smash” to respect the social dynamics of your conversation.

Regional Variations

There are generally no significant regional variations when referring to “smash” in Korean. However, certain dialects may have their own unique slang words or expressions for “smash.” If you are in a specific region and want to explore local dialects, it may be interesting to learn the regional variations of “smash” in that area.


Congratulations! You now have a comprehensive guide on how to say “smash” in Korean. You have learned the formal and informal ways, along with tips, examples, and even a brief note on regional variations. Language learning is an exciting journey, and mastering new words and phrases allows you to connect with others and express yourself in different ways. So go ahead and confidently “smash” your Korean conversations!

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