Guide on How to Say “Per Our Phone Conversation”

Gaining effective communication skills is essential for both personal and professional interactions. When it comes to reinforcing the details discussed during a phone conversation, using the appropriate phrase is crucial. “Per our phone conversation” is a concise and professional way to refer to the information discussed. In this guide, we will explore different ways to express this phrase in both formal and informal contexts, along with tips, examples, and regional variations where applicable.

Formal Ways to Say “Per Our Phone Conversation”

1. As discussed during our phone call:

This phrase clearly and concisely indicates that the information is a result of a previous conversation.

2. In accordance with our conversation earlier:

This phrasing emphasizes that the information is consistent with what was discussed previously.

3. In light of our recent phone discussion:

By using this phrase, you are acknowledging that the discussion took place recently and the information is based on that conversation.

4. Pursuant to our telephonic exchange:

This formal expression emphasizes a legal or official context while acknowledging the exchange as a phone conversation.

5. In line with our telephone dialogue:

This phrase recognizes the conversation as a dialogue and signifies that the information is aligned with it.

Informal Ways to Say “Per Our Phone Conversation”

1. Like we talked about on the phone:

This casual phrase retains a friendly tone while indicating that the information is a result of a previous phone conversation.

2. Just as we discussed earlier over the phone:

Using this expression conveys informality while acknowledging that the information was discussed earlier during the call.

3. As we chatted about on the phone:

This more relaxed phrase uses the term “chatted” to emphasize the conversational nature of the call.

4. As per our phone convo:

For a more casual setting, this shortened version is suitable for a friendly or informal conversation.

5. As we talked about on the call:

Here, the use of “talked” helps create a casual and open atmosphere while confirming the discussion took place on the phone.

Tips for Using These Phrases

1. Verify the recipient’s preference: Consider your relationship with the recipient and the context of your conversation. If unsure, it is advisable to choose a more formal expression.

2. Be concise: The goal is to convey that the information discussed during the phone conversation is being reiterated. Therefore, keep the phrase brief and to the point.

3. Professional tone: When using formal expressions, maintain a professional tone and avoid using overly casual language.

4. Use appropriate punctuation: Depending on the sentence structure and context, you may want to use a colon or comma after the introductory phrase.

5. Provide context: When restating information from a previous phone conversation, it is helpful to clarify the specific aspects you are referring to so the recipient can easily connect the dots.

Examples of Using These Phrases


“As discussed during our phone call, the deadline for the project has been extended by two weeks.”


“Just as we discussed earlier over the phone, I will bring the documents you requested to our meeting tomorrow.”


“In accordance with our conversation earlier, we have reviewed your application and are pleased to offer you the position.”


“As we chatted about on the phone, let’s meet for lunch next week to discuss the details further.”


“Pursuant to our telephonic exchange, please provide the additional documentation within three business days.”


“As per our phone convo, I’ll help you move your furniture on Saturday morning.”


“In line with our telephone dialogue, we have made the necessary adjustments to the contract as per your request.”


“As we talked about on the call, I’ll take care of booking the tickets for our vacation. Don’t worry about it!”

In conclusion, being able to effectively convey information discussed during a phone conversation is vital in both formal and informal settings. By using phrases such as “per our phone conversation,” “as discussed during our call,” or more casual alternatives like “like we talked about on the phone,” you can ensure clarity and maintain a warm and friendly tone. Remember to choose the appropriate phrase based on the context and relationship with the recipient, while keeping the expression concise and focused on the relevant details. Practice using these phrases and adapt them to your personal style for seamless communication.

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