Guide: How to Say “Mind your own business” in Korean

Learning how to express “mind your own business” in Korean can be quite useful in various situations. Whether you want to politely ask someone to stop meddling or firmly make it clear that you value your privacy, understanding the different ways of conveying this message in Korean will be beneficial. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to say “mind your own business” in Korean, providing you with tips, examples, and regional variations if necessary.

Formal Ways to Say “Mind your own business” in Korean:

When speaking in a formal or polite context, it is important to use appropriate language. Here are a few formal expressions you can use to convey the message of “mind your own business”:

1. 직접 하세요 (Jik-jeop ha-se-yo)

This phrase, which literally translates to “Do it yourself,” can be used to politely tell someone to mind their own business in formal situations. It implies that the person should focus on their own affairs instead of interfering with others.

Example: A coworker is often nosy about your personal life, so you can say, “저의 개인적인 일에 직접 하세요” (Jeoui gae-in-jeokin ile jik-jeop ha-se-yo), meaning “Please mind your own business regarding my personal matters.”

2. 개인 정보를 존중해 주십시오 (Gae-in jeongbo-reul jonjunghae ju-ship-si-o)

This formal phrase translates to “Please respect personal information.” It’s a polite way to ask someone not to pry into your private matters or share personal details without permission.

Example: If someone inquires about sensitive information, you can say, “제 개인 정보를 존중해 주십시오” (Je gae-in jeongbo-reul jonjunghae ju-ship-si-o), meaning “Please respect my personal information.”

3. 여쭤보시지 마세요 (Yeo-jjwo-bo-shi-ji ma-se-yo)

This phrase can be translated as “Please don’t ask” and is used to politely request that someone refrains from prying or being nosy.

Example: If someone asks about a private matter, you can respond with “그것에 대해 여쭙지 마세요” (Geu-geose dae-hae yeo-jjwo-ji ma-se-yo), meaning “Please don’t ask about that.”

Informal Ways to Say “Mind your own business” in Korean:

In informal or casual situations, a more direct approach is often used. Here are some phrases to employ when speaking informally:

1. 신경 쓰지 마 (Sin-gyeong sseu-ji ma)

This phrase, which translates to “Don’t meddle” or “Don’t worry about it,” is a straightforward way of telling someone to mind their own business informally. It can be used among friends or peers.

Example: If a friend is asking too many questions about your personal life, you can respond with “내 개인적인 일은 너의 신경 쓸 필요 없어” (Nae gae-in-jeokin ileun neo-ui sin-gyeong sseul pil-yo eop-seo), meaning “You don’t need to worry about my personal matters.”

2. 쳐다보지 좀 마 (Cheo-da-bo-ji jom ma)

This phrase conveys the meaning of “Stop staring” or “Stop looking at me.” It is commonly used when someone is intrusively observing or prying into your affairs.

Example: If you notice someone frequently staring at you, you can assertively say, “너무 쳐다보지 좀 마” (Neo-mu cheo-da-bo-ji jom ma), meaning “Stop staring at me.”

3. 참견하지 마 (Cham-gyeon-ha-ji ma)

This phrase, meaning “Don’t interfere” or “Don’t meddle,” is used to express annoyance when someone tries to involve themselves in your affairs without permission.

Example: If someone is constantly offering unsolicited advice, you can say, “내 일에 참견하지 마” (Nae ile cham-gyeon-ha-ji ma), which means “Don’t meddle in my business.”

Regional Variations:

It’s important to note that Korean language and culture can vary depending on the region. While the phrases mentioned above are widely understood and used throughout Korea, there might be slight variations in certain areas. It’s always beneficial to adapt your language to the local dialect if you find yourself in a specific region.


Learning how to express “mind your own business” in Korean can help you navigate various social situations with grace. By understanding both formal and informal expressions, you can assertively communicate your need for privacy and respect. Whether you choose a polite or direct approach, remember to maintain a respectful tone while asserting your boundaries. Practice using these phrases, and you’ll be well-equipped to handle situations where others are being too nosy or interfering in your affairs.

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