Guide: How to Say “Marjorie”

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say the name “Marjorie.” Whether you’re looking for the formal or informal pronunciations, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will explore various pronunciations, tips, and examples to help you master saying “Marjorie” in different contexts.

Formal Pronunciations

When it comes to formal pronunciations of “Marjorie,” there are a few different ways it can be said. We’ve listed the most common ones below:

1. mahr-juh-ree

  • This is the most widely accepted formal pronunciation of “Marjorie.”
  • Emphasize the first syllable “mahr” with a slightly longer “juh” sound.
  • End with a soft “ree” sound, similar to the word “tree” without the “t.”
  • Example sentence: “Marjorie looked elegant in her evening gown.”

2. mahr-jor-ee

  • Another commonly used formal pronunciation of “Marjorie.”
  • Place equal emphasis on all three syllables.
  • Pronounce the “jor” part with a soft “j” sound, like the beginning of the word “job.”
  • Example sentence: “Marjorie’s intelligence and charisma captivated the audience.”

Informal Pronunciations

Informal pronunciations of “Marjorie” often involve variations that have developed over time based on regional accents and personal preferences. While the formal pronunciations should be your default when it comes to professional settings, the informal options can be used casually among friends and family.

1. Mar-jee

  • This is a popular informal pronunciation that shortens the name to two syllables.
  • Replace the “jor” sound with an easier-to-pronounce “jee” sound.
  • Avoid emphasizing any particular syllable.
  • Example sentence: “Mar-jee, can you pass me the salt, please?”

2. Marge

  • For an even more informal option, “Marge” can be used as a nickname or a simpler pronunciation.
  • Pronounce it as a single syllable, rhyming with the word “large.”
  • This version is commonly heard among close friends and family.
  • Example sentence: “Hey, Marge, wanna grab some ice cream later?”

Tips for Pronouncing “Marjorie”

Now that we’ve explored the formal and informal pronunciations, here are some general tips to help you pronounce “Marjorie” accurately:

1. Listen to Native Speakers

To better understand the nuances of pronouncing “Marjorie,” it’s helpful to listen to native speakers saying the name. Pay attention to their intonation, emphasis, and overall rhythm. You can find pronunciation examples through online resources or by interacting with individuals who bear the name.

2. Practice Pronunciation

The more you practice saying “Marjorie,” the more comfortable and confident you’ll become. Take your time to enunciate each syllable clearly, and record yourself to listen back for any areas where you can improve. Repeat the name in different contexts to reinforce your pronunciation skills.


In conclusion, “Marjorie” can be pronounced formally as “mahr-juh-ree” or “mahr-jor-ee.” Informal variations include “Mar-jee” and “Marge.” Remember to prioritize the formal pronunciations in professional settings, while the informal options can be used among friends and family. By practicing and following the tips provided, you’ll soon be able to confidently say “Marjorie” in any situation. Happy pronouncing!

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