Guide on How to Say “Let Me Introduce Myself”

Introducing yourself is an essential part of social interactions. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or joining a new group, knowing how to say “Let me introduce myself” can help you make a positive impression. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover formal and informal ways to introduce yourself, while also highlighting a few regional variations. So, let’s get started!

Formal Introductions

Formal introductions are typically used in professional settings, formal events, or when meeting someone of higher social status. Here are a few variations of how to say “Let me introduce myself” formally:

1. “Allow me to introduce myself”

When you want to make a formal introduction, you can use the phrase “Allow me to introduce myself.” This shows respect and acknowledges the importance of the situation. For example:

John: Good afternoon. I’m John Smith from XYZ Corporation. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the new regional manager.

Rebecca: Pleasure to meet you, John. I’m Rebecca Williams, the senior marketing executive.

2. “May I introduce myself?”

Another courteous way to introduce yourself formally is by using the question “May I introduce myself?” This demonstrates politeness and consideration. Here’s an example:

Sarah: Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. May I introduce myself? My name is Sarah Johnson, and I will be your keynote speaker today.

Informal Introductions

Informal introductions occur in casual or social settings among friends, peers, or acquaintances. Here are a couple of popular ways to say “Let me introduce myself” informally:

1. “Hey, I’m [Your Name]”

A simple and relaxed way to introduce yourself informally is by using the straightforward phrase “Hey, I’m [Your Name].” This approach is commonly used in friendly gatherings or casual meetups. Consider this example:

Emily: Hi there, I don’t think we’ve met before. Hey, I’m Emily. Nice to meet you!

Sam: Pleasure to meet you, Emily. I’m Sam. Welcome!

2. “Hi, I’d like to introduce myself”

In a slightly more formal informal situation, you can say “Hi, I’d like to introduce myself” to maintain a respectful tone while still being friendly. Let’s take a look:

Mark: Good morning, everyone. Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Mark Davis, and I’ll be working with you on the project.

Regional Variations (where necessary)

While the basic concepts of introducing oneself are similar across regions, some variations in wording and phrases exist. Let’s explore a few regional variations:

1. British English

In British English, people often use phrases like “Allow me to introduce myself” or “Pleased to make your acquaintance” in formal settings. Informally, they might say “Hi, I’m [Name]” or “Nice to meet you.” Here’s an example:

Michael: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Michael Andrews, your host for tonight.

2. Australian English

In Australia, informal introductions usually involve using phrases like “G’day! I’m [Name]” or “How’s it going? I’m [Name].” These expressions reflect the laid-back Australian culture. Consider the following example:

Liam: How’s it going, mate? I’m Liam. What’s your name?

Jessica: G’day, Liam. I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you!

Tips for Successful Introductions

Now that you’ve learned various ways to say “Let me introduce myself” formally and informally, let’s explore some helpful tips to ensure successful introductions:

1. Smile and maintain eye contact

A warm smile and maintaining eye contact exhibit confidence and approachability, making a positive first impression.

2. Use a firm handshake (where appropriate)

In formal situations, a firm handshake can portray professionalism and respect. However, remember to read the context and adapt accordingly.

3. Be concise and clear

Avoid rambling or overloading your introduction with excessive details. State your name and, if needed, mention a relevant affiliation or reason for the introduction.

4. Show interest and ask questions

Engaging in conversation demonstrates your interest in others. Ask questions to learn more about the people you’re meeting and show genuine curiosity.


Mastering the art of introducing yourself is a valuable skill across social and professional realms. In this guide, we’ve covered various formal and informal ways to say “Let me introduce myself,” presented regional variations, and shared essential tips for successful introductions. Remember, whether you’re in a formal or informal context, maintaining a warm and friendly tone is key to leaving a positive impression. Now, go forth and introduce yourself confidently!

Written by Mark Tyson

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm passionate about languages, the art of communication, and exploring cultural nuances. I've spent years learning and sharing informally and formally expressed terms in various languages, and love making complex guides. Besides, I'm a walking dictionary for a wide range of subjects and enjoy shedding light on some unique topics. In my free time, you'll find me sharpening my sign language skills, decoding audios in different languages, or enjoying some public speaking! With every post, I hope to create a space for learning and exchange in our global village.

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