How to Say “Keep Going” in French: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to expressing the idea of “Keep going” in French, there are various phrases and idiomatic expressions to choose from, depending on the level of formality and the regional variations you encounter. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways of saying “Keep going” in French, while providing tips, examples, and some regional insights along the way.

Formal Ways to Say “Keep Going”

When addressing someone in a formal setting or using polite language, you can use the following expressions to convey the meaning of “Keep going” in French:

  1. Continuer ainsi: This straightforward phrase translates directly to “Keep going like this.” It is a polite way to encourage someone to continue their actions or efforts.
  2. Ne lâchez pas: Literally meaning “Do not let go,” this expression encourages someone to persevere and not give up.
  3. Poursuivez vos efforts: This phrase means “Continue your efforts.” It is commonly used in formal environments to motivate someone to keep going.

Informal Ways to Say “Keep Going”

When speaking in a more casual or informal context, you can choose from the following options to express the idea of “Keep going” in French:

  1. Continuez comme ça: Similar to the formal expression, this phrase means “Keep going like this.” It is commonly used among friends or in informal situations.
  2. Ne lâche rien: This expression can be translated as “Don’t let go of anything.” It carries a strong motivational tone and is often used to inspire someone to keep pushing forward.
  3. Allez, tu peux le faire: This translates to “Come on, you can do it.” It is an encouraging phrase frequently used to motivate someone to keep going.

Regional Variations

While the phrases we’ve covered so far are widely used throughout the French-speaking world, it’s important to note that there may be some regional variations and idiomatic expressions to convey the idea of “Keep going.” Let’s take a quick look at a couple of these regional variations:

  • “Courage” in Quebec: In Quebec, it is common to hear the word “courage” used to motivate someone to keep going. This interjection, borrowed from English, is used as an encouraging term in various situations.
  • “Ne lâche pas l’affaire” in France: In France, especially in casual settings, you might hear the phrase “Ne lâche pas l’affaire,” which means “Don’t let go of the matter.” It is an expression often used to motivate someone not to give up.

Tips and Examples

Here are some additional tips and examples to help you fully grasp how to say “Keep going” in French:

“Tu peux le faire. Ne lâche rien et continue ainsi.”

“You can do it. Don’t let go of anything and keep going like this.”

When using any of the aforementioned phrases, it’s important to adapt the level of formality based on the context and relationship with the person you are speaking to. Remember that the tone in which you deliver these phrases is crucial to effectively motivate and encourage someone to keep going.

Additionally, gestures and body language can also accompany your verbal encouragement. A smile, a pat on the back, or a thumbs-up gesture can enhance the impact of your words and show your support.

Lastly, keep in mind that motivation and encouragement go hand in hand. Whether you choose a formal or informal approach, the ultimate goal is to provide support and inspire others to keep going, no matter the challenges they may face.

Now that you have a comprehensive guide on how to say “Keep going” in French, you can confidently motivate and inspire those around you. Remember to use the appropriate expressions based on the level of formality and the context in which you find yourself. Bonne chance!

Written by Miriam Carly

Bonjour, I'm Miriam! French language enthusiast and fond of exploring diverse cultures. With fishing, literature, and photography as my hobbies, I dive into different lingual accents and dialects. I adore the beauty of words, be it expressing a holiday on a beach or a simple 'aww' of admiration. I keep myself fit with climbing and growing is my motto. I adore cooking continental cuisine, with brown sugar and Chardonnay as my favorites. The love for language expressions took me beyond 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' in French and I continue sharing this charm. Au revoir! Let's learn French together.

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