Guide: How to Say “I Want to Sleep with You” in French

Learning a new language allows you to express yourself in different ways. If you’re looking to communicate your desire to sleep with someone in French, it’s important to understand that the context and tone can greatly affect the appropriate phrasing. In this guide, we will explore how to say “I want to sleep with you” in French, covering both formal and informal ways. While regional variations exist, we will focus on standard French to offer a comprehensive understanding. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Expressions:

When it comes to formal situations, it’s crucial to maintain politeness and choose your words carefully. French culture places great importance on respecting others and their personal space. Therefore, expressing your desire in a more subtle and refined manner would be considered appropriate. Here are a few formal expressions to consider:

1. Je désire dormir avec vous.

This formal expression is considered polite and suitable within professional or formal contexts. It translates directly to “I desire to sleep with you.” The use of “vous” indicates respect and maintaining a certain level of formality.

2. J’aimerais partager votre lit.

Another formal expression you can use is “J’aimerais partager votre lit,” which means “I would like to share your bed.” This phrase still conveys your desire to sleep with someone while being respectful and maintaining a formal tone.

Informal Expressions:

In less formal settings or with someone you are more familiar with, such as a close friend or a partner, you may choose to use a more casual approach. Here are a couple of informal expressions that convey your desire in a friendly or romantic context:

1. J’ai envie de dormir avec toi.

To express your desire informally, you can say “J’ai envie de dormir avec toi,” which translates to “I feel like sleeping with you.” This phrase maintains an informal tone while expressing your personal wish to sleep with the other person.

2. J’ai trop envie de passer la nuit avec toi.

Another option is to say “J’ai trop envie de passer la nuit avec toi,” which means “I really want to spend the night with you.” This phrase adds an additional layer of intimacy and expresses a desire to not only sleep but also be close throughout the night.

Regional Variations:

While French is spoken across various regions, the core language remains relatively consistent. However, it’s important to note that certain regions may have their own slang or idiomatic expressions. Here are a couple of regional variations to be aware of:

1. Québécois Variation (Canada):

In Quebec, Canada, you may hear the expression “J’ai le goût de dormir avec toi,” which translates to “I have the urge/desire to sleep with you.” It’s crucial to note that regional variations should be used with caution and only in situations where you are confident in the familiarity and understanding of the person you are speaking with.

Tips and Examples:

Now that we have explored various formal, informal, and regional expressions to convey your desire to sleep with someone in French, let’s summarize with some additional tips and examples:


  • Consider the context and relationship with the person you are speaking to.
  • Maintain a respectful and polite tone in formal settings.
  • Choose informal expressions for close friends or romantic partners.
  • Avoid using regional variations unless you are confident in the familiarity and understanding of the person.


Formal: “Je désire dormir avec vous.” (I desire to sleep with you.)
Informal: “J’ai envie de dormir avec toi.” (I feel like sleeping with you.)
Regional: “J’ai le goût de dormir avec toi.” (I have the urge to sleep with you.) – Quebecois variation.

Expressing your desires in any language requires tact and sensitivity. Learning how to say “I want to sleep with you” in French allows you to navigate various social scenarios. Remember to always consider the context, maintain respect for others, and adapt your language accordingly. Happy language learning!

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