How to Say “I Am Blank Years Old” in ASL

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to express your age in American Sign Language (ASL)! Whether you want to communicate your age formally or informally, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will provide you with tips, examples, and variations to help you express your age clearly in ASL.

Formal Expressions

Formal ways of saying “I am blank years old” in ASL can vary depending on the context. Here are a few formal expressions you can use:

1. “I am blank years old”

To express your age formally, you can use the following signs in ASL:

  • Sign “I” by pointing at yourself using your index finger.
  • Sign “am” by extending your dominant hand palm-up and moving it towards yourself.
  • Sign the specific age using the appropriate numerical sign. For example, sign “1” for one, “2” for two, and so on.
  • Finally, sign “years old” by forming the letter “Y” with your dominant hand and moving it towards your chest, indicating possession.

Remember to maintain a relaxed and natural handshape throughout the signs, ensuring clear movements and facial expressions to convey your message fluently. Here’s an example: “I am 10 years old.”

Informal Expressions

For informal situations, there are often variations in sign language depending on the region or community. However, here is a commonly used informal expression:

1. Combining age and signing “old”

In informal ASL, people often combine the age sign with the word “old” to express their age. Follow these steps:

  • Sign the specific age using the numerical signs mentioned earlier.
  • Move your hand near your chin, palm facing down, and wiggle your fingers slightly to indicate “old.”

This informal expression is more casual in nature and commonly used amongst friends and family. For example: “I’m 10 old.”

Tips for Clear Communication

While learning to express your age in ASL, it’s crucial to follow these tips for effective communication:

1. Maintain Eye Contact

When signing, it’s essential to maintain eye contact to ensure a strong connection with the person you are communicating with. Looking directly at the person also allows them to observe your facial expressions, which is an integral part of ASL.

2. Use Natural Facial Expressions

In ASL, facial expressions significantly impact the meaning of signs. Utilize appropriate facial expressions to convey emotions and precisely express your age. For instance, a happy facial expression might accompany stating a young age, while a neutral expression may be more suitable for an older age.

3. Practice Hand Movements

To achieve clarity in your signing, make sure your hand movements are smooth and distinct. Pay attention to the shape, orientation, and movement of your hands to ensure accurate communication. Regular practice will help you develop fluency and precision.

Remember, clear and concise signing leads to effective communication in ASL. Practice regularly, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from fluent signers to improve your skills.

Regional Variations

It’s important to note that sign language can have variations based on regional dialects or local deaf communities. If you are learning ASL in a specific region, it might be worth considering local resources or seeking guidance from local signers to adapt to any regional variations.

1. Seek Local ASL Classes or Communities

If you want to learn ASL, it can be beneficial to join local ASL classes or communities. Engaging with a local community helps you understand any regional variations more accurately, ensuring effective communication within that specific community.


Learning to express your age in ASL enables you to communicate more effectively with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Whether you prefer to use a formal or informal expression, remember to maintain eye contact, use natural facial expressions, and practice smooth hand movements. Additionally, consider incorporating local variations if you are learning ASL within a specific region. By following these tips, you will enhance your ability to express your age fluently and connect with others using this beautiful language.

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