How to Say “How Much is This?” in Turkish

Learning basic phrases in a foreign language can greatly enhance your travel experience, especially when it comes to shopping or visiting local markets. If you find yourself in Turkey, being able to ask “how much is this?” will definitely come in handy. In this guide, we’ll cover both formal and informal ways of asking this question in Turkish, along with some tips and examples to help you navigate through different situations. So let’s dive in!

Formal Way:

If you prefer a more polite and formal approach, here’s how you can ask “how much is this?” in a formal setting:

“Bu ne kadar?”

The literal translation of this phrase is “How much is this?” However, keep in mind that Turkish syntax might differ from English in certain situations, so it’s important to pay attention to word order and pronunciation.

Let’s break down the formal version of the phrase:

  • “Bu” means “this” in Turkish. If you want to ask the price of something specific, make sure to point at the item while saying this word.
  • “Ne kadar?” means “how much?”. This is the key part of the phrase where you’re actually asking for the price.

Here are a few examples of using the formal phrase:

  • “Bu ne kadar?” – “How much is this?”
  • “Bu çanta ne kadar?” – “How much is this bag?”
  • “Bu tişört ne kadar?” – “How much is this t-shirt?”

Informal Way:

If you’re in a more relaxed environment or talking to someone you’re familiar with, you can use a slightly different phrase to ask “how much is this?” informally:

“Bunun fiyatı nedir?”

This phrase is still polite but less formal. It translates to “What is the price of this?” and can be used in various contexts.

Now, let’s break down the informal version of the phrase:

  • “Bunun” combines the words “bu” (this) and “-un” (possessive suffix), creating “this one” or “this thing” in Turkish.
  • “Fiyatı” means “price” and serves as a noun in the sentence.
  • “Nedir?” means “what is?”. Together with “fiyatı,” it creates the question “what is the price?”.

Here are some examples using the informal phrase:

  • “Bunun fiyatı nedir?” – “What is the price of this?”
  • “Bunun kitabın fiyatı nedir?” – “What is the price of this book?”
  • “Bunun etin kilosu nedir?” – “What is the price per kilogram of this meat?”

Tips and Cultural Insights:

While the phrases above cover the basics, here are some additional tips and insights to help you navigate pricing conversations in Turkey:

1. Using Numbers:

Numbers play a crucial role when discussing prices. Here are some essential Turkish numbers to help you understand and negotiate prices:

  • One: bir
  • Two: iki
  • Three: üç
  • Four: dört
  • Five: beş
  • Ten: on
  • Twenty: yirmi
  • One hundred: yüz
  • Thousand: bin

2. Bargaining:

In Turkish markets, bargaining is quite common. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices, especially in small shops or markets where setting the price is more flexible. Polite haggling is seen as part of the shopping experience, so give it a try!

3. Be Polite and Smile:

When interacting with locals, showing respect and being friendly can go a long way. A warm smile and a few Turkish phrases will likely earn you a positive response and possibly even help you secure a better deal.


Mastering essential phrases like “how much is this?” in Turkish can add a whole new dimension to your travel experience. Whether you choose the formal or informal way of asking, remember to be polite, smile, and embrace the cultural nuances of bargaining when exploring the vibrant markets in Turkey. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate pricing conversations confidently. İyi yolculuklar! (Have a good trip!)

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