Guide: How to Say “Holi Holiday” – Formal and Informal Ways

When it comes to discussing the much-celebrated festival of colors, “Holi,” and the excitement it brings, knowing how to refer to it is essential. Whether you’re looking for formal or informal ways to say “Holi holiday,” this guide will provide you with useful tips, examples, and even a glimpse into some regional variations. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Holi Holiday”

1. Using the full phrase:

If you’re writing or speaking formally, it is appropriate to say “Holi holiday” without any abbreviations. This way, you are maintaining a professional tone while referring to the festive time associated with Holi.


“I hope you have a joyous and colorful Holi holiday.”

2. Designating it as the “Festival of Colors”:

Holi is widely recognized as the “Festival of Colors” due to the exuberant nature of its celebrations. By referring to it as such, you embrace its vibrant essence while maintaining a formal tone.


“Wishing you a wonderful Festival of Colors this Holi holiday season.”

3. Using the term “Holi festivities”:

A more succinct way to express the holiday associated with Holi is by using the phrase “Holi festivities.” This term captures the celebration aspect while remaining formal and versatile.


“May this Holi holiday bring you abundant joy and happiness during the colorful festivities.”

Informal Ways to Say “Holi Holiday”

1. Referring to it as “Holi”:

When speaking informally, it’s common to casually mention “Holi” without explicitly using the term “holiday.” This more relaxed approach allows for a friendly and familiar tone while addressing the festival.


“Have a fantastic Holi! Enjoy the festivities to the fullest.”

2. Simply using “Happy Holi”:

One of the most straightforward and widely used informal ways to express wishes for this auspicious time is by saying “Happy Holi.” It encapsulates all the festive greetings within these two words.


“Happy Holi! May your day be filled with vibrant colors and cherished moments.”

3. Wishing a “Colorful Holi”:

Using the adjective “colorful” in your informal Holi holiday wishes adds a lively touch. It signifies the vibrancy of Holi celebrations and expresses a warm and informal tone.


“Wishing you a colorful Holi! May the colors of joy and laughter fill your day.”

Regional Variations

Holi is celebrated with various customs and traditions across regions, resulting in unique ways to refer to this festive time. While typically mentioned as “Holi,” some regions have their own words:

  • In North India, it is referred to as “Holi,” pronounced as “Hoh-lee.”
  • In Northeast India, particularly Assam, it is called “Rangali Bihu.”
  • In West Bengal, the festival is celebrated as “Dol Purnima” or “Basanta Utsav.”
  • In some parts of South India, it is known as “Kaman Pandigai” or “Kamavilas.”

Despite these variations, “Holi” remains widely recognized and understood throughout India as the festival of colors and joy.


When it comes to referring to the festive time associated with Holi, both formal and informal language options allow you to convey your wishes and emotions effectively. Whether you choose a formal approach, mentioning “Holi holiday” or embrace an informal and affectionate tone by simply using “Happy Holi,” let the spirit of this joyous occasion guide your words. Remember, regional variations may exist, but “Holi” remains the universally understood term for this vibrant celebration of colors.

“May this Holi holiday fill your heart with the warmth of love and your life with the colors of happiness!”

We hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with various ways to say “Holi holiday”. Embrace the warmth of the festival, enjoy the tradition of color throwing, and spread the joyous vibes with everyone you meet. Happy Holi!

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