Guide: How to Say “Hamburger” in British Sign Language (BSL)

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to say “hamburger” in British Sign Language (BSL). Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your signing skills, we will cover both formal and informal ways to express this term. While BSL is primarily uniform throughout the United Kingdom, some regional variations may exist. However, we will focus on the most widely accepted signs. Let’s begin!

Formal Way to Say “Hamburger” in BSL

When signing in more formal settings, it is essential to use the correct sign for clear communication. The formal way to say “hamburger” in BSL is as follows:

1. Extend your dominant hand forward at chest level, palm facing down.

2. Form a relaxed C-shape with your thumb and fingers, keeping them together.

3. Lightly tap your chin with the bent fingers of your hand.

Remember, precise execution of each step is crucial for proper understanding. Practicing with a mirror or alongside a proficient signer can help refine your technique.

Informal Way to Say “Hamburger” in BSL

In relaxed and informal contexts, BSL allows for variations in signing. Here’s the informal way to say “hamburger” in BSL:

1. Start by forming a loose fist with your dominant hand.

2. Hold the fist at chest level, knuckles facing up.

3. Make a quick downward motion, like you are dropping something onto a surface.

4. Simultaneously, open your hand slightly while dropping it downwards.

This informal version is often used among friends or in casual conversations. Remember to adapt your signing style accordingly to suit the situation.

Tips for Mastering BSL Sign for “Hamburger”

To effectively communicate when signing “hamburger,” these tips can enhance your signing skills:

  1. Facial Expressions: Utilize appropriate facial expressions to convey the context and emotion behind your sign. This will help communicate your intent more clearly.
  2. Speed and Fluency: Practice signing with a smooth and fluid motion. Avoid being too slow or rigid, as it may hinder understanding.
  3. Non-Manual Features: Remember that BSL incorporates non-manual features such as head movements, eyebrow raises, and body posture. Proper integration of these features will enhance your signing proficiency.

Examples of “Hamburger” in BSL

Here are a few examples demonstrating how to sign “hamburger” in BSL:

Example 1: Imagine you are at a restaurant and ordering a hamburger. Use the formal sign to ensure clarity while communicating your order.

Example 2: In a casual gathering with deaf friends, you can use the informal sign for “hamburger” to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

Example phrase:

“I had a delicious hamburger for lunch!”

Remember, you can adapt the signing style depending on the formality and context of your conversation.


Mastering the signs for everyday objects is crucial for effective communication in BSL. In this guide, we have explored the formal and informal ways to say “hamburger” in BSL. Remember to practice the correct technique, utilize appropriate facial expressions, and incorporate non-manual features for clear communication. Whether you find yourself in formal or informal settings, these signs will help you express yourself in British Sign Language. Enjoy signing!

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